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Saturday I had fun signing books at the Waldenbooks in Manassas Mall. This was the first time this year that people bought books specifically as Christmas gifts. It’s getting to be that time of year.

It was also the weekend of my first published review for the International Thriller Writers. I’m rather proud to be a review for their newsletter, The Big Thrill. I this month I got to comment on a great political thriller called Sniper Bid. I’ll tell you more about the site my review is… Continue

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October Reading

A lot of writers’ blogs have started recapping what that writer has read over the past month. (Okay, maybe not a lot; Tim Hallinan and Declan Burke, for sure. They’re both excellent writers whose opinions I respect, so I’m not averse to using their examples for a few cheap credibility points.) Continue reading here.

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Carry On Writing

It’s hectic on the writing front at the moment with time off for a quick photoshoot for a newspaper. I am currently writing the fifth DI Horton Marine Mystery, as well as revising three of my business books which are set for publication in May 2009. The fourth DI Horton Marine Mystery is currently with my publisher and I am keeping my fingers crossed that they don’t want too many revisions. My new author web site is being developed and that always… Continue

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Christmas in November

It's kind of like that, anyway. After a month of dial-up and fruitless calls to my internet non-provider, I'm waiting for a new group of clever but non-communicative men to come and put in a better system. I haven't been this anxious since I was six and hoping for that cheap guitar.

My husband is exhibiting Grinch-like qualities, predicting that they'll be unable to hook us up. It's probably because he won't do dial-up and therefore hasn't been online since September. That's enough… Continue

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Halloween The Post Mortem

Halloween was pretty quiet this year, only had about 100 kids at the door. Usually we had anywhere between 125-150, but the weather was crappy, although my own childhood memories had over 200 kids on the street, and that was even during the year we had the blizzard the day before and I had to wear my snowsuit under my Wolf-Man costume.

While I've been procrastinating on my book-projects, I have been busy with my main blog, which is related to my non-fiction project. For new readers I… Continue

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What's an animal psychic to do?

Ever wonder if our animals know more about us than we'd like them to? Ever wonder if they'll talk? That's the idea behind "Dumb Beasts," my first pet psychic short mystery. It's just one of the short stories in the brand new Deadfall: Crime Stories by New England Writers, which is just coming out… Continue

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New Radio show

Listen to KimS on internet talk radio

Click on the button and go straight to my radio show. I will be accepting guests soon!

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Weekly Blog - Monday 3rd November

Last week, both an interview with yours truly and a review of Justice For All were published on The Sons of Spade website (for the uninitiated, Sam Spade was the lead character in Dashiell Hammett’s ‘The Maltese Falcon’ and is widely recognised as the father of all hard-boiled detectives) is run by a Dutch writer, Jochem Steen, and is a great source of information about what’s fresh in the crime writing genre. I’m pleased to report that the review for Justice For All was… Continue

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Where do you get your ideas?

By Carla Neggers

My latest book, COLD PURSUIT, just hit stores, and I swore this time I wouldn't get caught by surprise when I'm asked: Where did you get the idea for this book? Read rest of post here.

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Fall Writing Contest

If you like to enter contests for writing, and you do not want to put your energy into one that is most likely a scam, I am with you.

I always say not to pay to be in a venue like a contest, but have to change that today. Now I know of a contest that you do not want to miss, and it will cost you an entry fee of $15 but let me tell you, it will be the best investment you will make for a contest.

It is the fall contest being sponsored by Warren Adler. Don't know who he is?… Continue

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Amendment to last Blog post (oops)

For some reason, (namely my own stupidity) I completely left out the body of the text from my last Blog post 'Another Interview Thanks to 'A Study in Red'. I'm sorry if this confused anyone and I've now edited and amended the post so that it appears as it should.


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A Blog by Any Other Name by Margot Justes

I had a signing in a delightful independent book store in Ottawa, Illinois called the Book

They did not have a mouse, but they did have a real live kitten; seven months old with a mischievous glint in his eye and an appetite for pretzels. He had the run of the place and took full advantage, his favorite perch on top of the tall book case allowed him to view his domain...

To keep the kitten company, another critter, a chinchilla with an affinity for… Continue

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Blog Talk Radio - Monday November 3, 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

I'll be talking with Lesa and her fans on Monday about my latest book, the SIn and Vengeance Movie and anything else that's on your mind.

Blog Talk Radio with AngelLesa
Listen in
Chat in
Call in at (347)945-7025
November 3, 9:00 pm EST

Please join us!

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New Dispatch From A Criminal Mind - Message From The Inner Station

Hi Everyone:

If you've got 44 seconds to spare, check out the new book trailer.

It is for the UK edition of my forthcoming thriller Six Seconds.

It will be released in the US-Cda Jan 09 and in the UK April 09.

My UK publisher put up a trailer and will adjust the release date.

Check it out and feel free to leave a comment.

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Sexy Fill-in-the-Blank

Happy Dress-Like-A-Slut day, everybody. Once again the day has come to be bemused and baffled by the choices that straight girls make on this, the only night they are allowed to dress like shameless hos.

It’s still very weird to me that something like “Dominatrix,” which is a normal, ordinary part of my year-round life, is a costume option for squares. But I’ve also seen “Sexy Punk Girl,” “Sexy Goth” and even “Sexy Asian” costumes (usually modeled by a standard issue Caucasian… Continue

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Film Maker wanted to make trailer

The producers of my play, Murder at the Pelican Club which is to be premiered in Liverpool on 26 November are looking for a Liverpool based Film Maker to make a Murder at the Pelican Club trailer, credited and looped all day in a venue in Liverpool. It will also be shown on You Tube, and excerpts on MySpace, Facebook plus other social networking sites. How exciting and what a fantastic opportunity for someone. Great exposure and experience. So come on all… Continue

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New Contract and Story Published

I'm happy to report I've signed a contract with Whiskey Creek Press to publish my historical novel (there's an element of mystery to it) "Watch the Hour."

Set in Pennsylvania's anthracite coal region in the 1870s, the novel focuses on the conflict between mine owners and their immigrant laborers, principally the Irish. I don't have a publication date yet.

I'm also 45,000+ words into a fourth Sticks Hetrick mystery. The three previous Hetrick mysteries were published by Whiskey Creek,… Continue

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