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Mike Draper's novel

In "Splattered Blood" a woman's husband was in charge of security for a basketball team in New England.

A number of injuries and deaths occur to the main players and when he checks it out, he's killed and made to look like suicide.

His widow calls her financial advisor stating that she knows he wouldn't do that and deprive the family of the $500,000 of life insurance which wouldn't be paid if suicide.

When he looks into it, he gets proof that it was murder.



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1 Stupid Criminal, 1 Amazon Jump and 2 Great Reviews

1) Amazon Ranking

Maynard Soloman Proves Santa Claus is Real had a nice day on Amazon. It started around #450,000 and jumped up to #30,000. This may have been because Maynard sent gifts to the people on his "nice" list. Details…


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Excerpt from “Deadly Traffic” by Mickey Hoffman

Girls are disappearing from Standard High while the local sex trade flourishes. Their absences are barely noticed in the worst school in Arbor City, CA, where turnover and truancy are facts of life. Kendra Desola, the only faculty member likely to care, is on a leave of absence.

After a student’s lifeless body turns up in a seedy part of town, an…


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Can You Hear Me Now?

Maybe a more appropriate title would be “How do you hear me?” Or maybe, “Sounds like…” with the proper charades gesture.

What I’d like to discuss is how to add voice or sound to your stories. How do characters speak? What do specific noises sound like? Taking the second question first, it’s not enough sometimes just to write something making noise. To add elements such as mood or emotion, you must show the reader how things sound. You do this by relating the…


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Best of 2011 listings at Pulp Pusher

Pulp Pusher  reveals the fav reads of the year by Ian Rankin, Dave Zeltserman, Cathi Unsworth, Ray Banks and many more ... …


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Where Did Sadie Come From-Julia Madeleine-Guest Post


  Where Did Sadie Come From...


Sadie was raised in hell, the Devil’s daughter—a femme fatale character and serial killer in my short story series, The Devil’s Music. Sadie collects the souls of music legends who sign contracts with her in exchange for their success.


I originally wrote this story for a blues festival here in…


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Review,Bent Pollies,John Kerr

Book Title:   BENT POLLIES

Author:  John Kerr

ISBN:   9781921804236

Publisher:   Kerr Publishing

Year of Publication:   2011

Politicians are said to be bet for lots of reasons.

The crimes of Milton Orkopoulos are barely remembered outside NSW. It is hard enough to stay awake when following the politicians in one's own state perhaps. If he had restricted his criminal activity to personal possession of marijuana the chances are he would never have been…


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Review - Scarlet Stiletto - The Second Cut (edited by Phyllis King for Sisters in Crime Australia)


Edited by:  Phyllis King

ISBN:   9780987160379

Publisher:  Clan Destine Press

Year of Publication:   2011

The Second Cut features a thrilling selection of stories culled from the Scarlet Stiletto Awards held annually by Sisters in Crime Australia.

This sequel to the bestselling First Cut features the 1st Prize winners from 2007 – 2010, and a selection of category winners from the 17-year history of the Scarlet…


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My Mystery/Thriller Novels FREE on Amazon Prime for a Limited Time

For a limited time, Amazon is offering both my novels, Black Diamond Death and Sinnerman, for free if you are a member of Amazon Prime.  When I considered whether I'd join up or not for a few months I decided it would be a great way for me to give back to my readers -- so enjoy and happy holidays!…


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EDGE OF SUSPENSE: Thrilling Tales of Mystery & Murder by R. Barri Flowers


Season's greetings, friends and fans:

I wanted to let you know about my exciting new book out in Kindle and Nook.

EDGE OF SUSPENSE: Thrilling Tales of Mystery & Murder is a collection of mystery, suspense, and thriller short stories from bestselling crime writer R. Barri Flowers. Tales include "Dinner Crashers," where FBI and…


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D.L.Coleman, author of the soon to be released "Killer Story", Guest Post: "When I Knew I Wanted To Be A Writer"

     I knew when I was sixteen I wanted to write. I don’t know why, I just did. I’d never even read a novel at that point; too energetic to sit still long enough. I remember coming home from football practice one night in the late ‘50s and lying across my bed with a notebook and pencil. I wrote two sentences, then took the next ten years off to think of a third one. So I came to this writing thing kind of bass akward, not like your typical book-loving library rat.

     In college,…


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From Reviewer to Reviewed- Graham Smith- author of "11 The Hard Way"

From Reviewer to Reviewed.


For two and a half years now I have been a book reviewer for the very well respected during this time I have made friends with a lot of authors both face to face and via the world of Facebook. I have also been very fortunate to meet and interview some of the biggest names in…


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Review - Dublin Dead, Gerard O'Donovan

Book Title:   DUBLIN DEAD

Author:  Gerard O'Donovan

ISBN:   9781847444073

Publisher:   Sphere

Year of Publication:   2011

One year on, DI Mike Mulcahy is exactly where he wants to be, co-ordinating international intelligence for the Garda National Drugs Unit. With Ireland in economic turmoil, he reckons solving the mystery of how a €100 million shipment of cocaine came to be abandoned off the south coast might save his team from the harsh government…


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Review - The Courier's New Bicycle, Kim Westwood


Author:  Kim Westwood

ISBN:   9780730497714

Publisher:   Harper Collins

Year of Publication:   2011

Salisbury Forth is a courier of contraband in the alleyways of inner Melbourne, a city of fuel rationing, rolling power outages and curfews.

It′s a stressful life, post-pandemic. A vaccine dispensed Australia-wide is causing mass infertility, and the government has banned all remedies except prayer.



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Friday-The G-ZONE- The Mayor of Book Town Returns!

A note to everyone reading this: I am about inclusion! That being said, I openly invite any author, blogger, or administrator of a Social Network or website to my blog and blogtalk radio show.

Now a word from the Mayor of Book Town on his upcoming visit to The G-ZONE:   

The Deputy Mayor and I will be in The G-Zone Friday December 16th

I am very pleased to announce that the Deputy Mayor and I have been invited back to Gelati’s Scoop GZONE.  The theme of the show is…


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Chantal Bodreau, author of the soon to be released "Insurance", Guest Post-Fictional Speculation

Fictional Speculation

                My husband and I were casually discussing the publishing industry and my latest release, Magic University, when we noticed a bizarre likeness between the current debate over traditional versus self-publishing and the divided magic system in my fantasy series.  Any similarities were entirely coincidental,…


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Good reviews for Rowson's DI Horton Crime Novel, Dead Man's Wharf, from down under

It's always nice to get good reviews particularly if they come from readers, and to know that they are enjoying your novels, so I was pleased to receive two new book reviews from Australia, for Dead Man's Wharf the fourth in the DI Andy Horton series of crime novels.

"Pauline Rowson has the ability to make you want to keep reading, to find out the answers to the growing pile of questions. Those…


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Wonderfully different protagonist - loved it!

I had never heard of Anne Holtbefore - she's described as Norway's #1 bestselling crime writer. After finishing her latest book 1222, I can see why - and I will be hunting down her backlist.…


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Corruption in Serbia

Anti-corruption policy in Serbia: my team carried out an extensive research on corruption in that country. We demonstrated that one of the problems is that many Serbians do not care that their country is corrupt. And the higher you get in society, the stronger the indifference and cynicism. Now we are reporting: copies are sent around for preview. While the conclusions are devastating, there is no response: everybody shies away.

This is the country which was not allowed to enter…


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Review - Scarlet Stiletto - The First Cut (edited by Lindy Cameron for Sisters in Crime Australia)


Edited by:  Lindy Cameron

ISBN:   9780987160362

Publisher:  Clan Destine Press

Year of Publication:   2011

Scarlet Stiletto The First Cut presents a superb collection of spine-chilling crime fiction stories culled from the annual Scarlet Stiletto Awards hosted by Sisters in Crime Australia.

You’ll find the whole gamut from murder and mayhem to police procedurals and crime in verse. Some will have your blood…


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