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Does you book need a swift kick in the spine?

I have been on a blog hiatus for a while but I'm back! I have plenty of space for 2013 if any of you are interested in promoting your new release or giving an older book a swift kick in the spine. Contact me here at Crimespace for details.

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From a crime fiction novel author where murder was not the crime....

Like so many of us, while quick to learn some skills in other ways I seem to be a bit slow, especially if I don't just keep going way after having grown angry and frustrated...but calming down before even trying to proceed.  One example of this is the time involved with catching on to things like blogging. 

The Sheriff of Marion County is fed up with a local villain.  With only half of what he needs to…


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Being in Two Places at Once

Today I'm guesting in two different places--oh, the wonders of the Internet!

This double-blogging is accidental but fun.… Continue

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Inspiration–and laughter–for the ladies: Ghada Abdel Aal’s Writing Life

When she was in her early twenties, Egyptian writer Ghada Abdel Aal began the complicated process of seeking a spouse. It involved meetings in parental living rooms over awkward glasses of tea. On one such occasion her potential groom spent his time screaming at a soccer game on tv. Another turned out to have a…


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Ridiculous publicity ideas for authors

In less than two months, my next novel MOZART’S LAST ARIA will be published in the UK (the US publication date is November). This means I have to start thinking about publicity.

Naturally I’ll be doing the usual kinds of things that writers do these days. The promo video is already made and can be seen on…


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Stops on Peg's Blog Crawl-Feb. 7-13

Here are my stops on Peg's Blog Crawl for next week. Comment and you might win a copy of THE DEAD DETECTIVE AGENCY in either print or e-book form.

Feb. 7 Rhonda Dossett-The Ones Spell Check Won’t Catch

Feb 8 Nancy Cohen-Metaphors…

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Marketing for (Beginning) Writers

Your book's been accepted. How wonderful! Congratulations.

It's a terrific, feeling, isn't it, after all those rejections? But now comes the real work. What? You thought you'd done the work and that now came the pleasure? Ha! Think again. Writing the book's only half of it. And if you're a techno-thickie, like me, you'll be amazed at what you can learn to do; I certainly was.


Everyone knows about the signings and the crowds of people who come to each. But…


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Updates to Miniblogs, Squidoo Lenses, on Crime Fiction and Fiction

I'm way behind and haven't really written anything (non-technical) in a year, but I did make some updates about favorite books on my Squidoo lenses What's a Little Murder Among Friends, crime fiction, and Nearly Nothing but Novels. These are, to some extent, spin-offs from my main fiction blog, also called… Continue

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Writers, no email until lunch

Raymond Chandler wrote that a writer shouldn’t read letters until lunchtime. The energy that ought to go into his novel would be diverted to correspondence.

If email had been invented 50 years earlier, we might never have had “The Big Sleep.”

Email has an itching urgency that letters don’t have. And a letter leads only to the end of the page – the internet clicks you on into endless pages and seemingly into other worlds. So…

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Want to Share your Blog Link? How Do You Follow Blogs?

Do you blog about books? Stop in and share a description and the link in the comments of my most recent blog post. Here is the link: Just leave one link per comment, though, or it will automatically get sent to a spam folder. Also, how do you prefer to follow blogs? Through Networked Blogs? Google Reader? Do you just pop into your favorite blogs when you feel like it? Hop over and leave a comment about your blog-reading habits.

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Am I Your Guest Blogger?

If any of you have had a chance to check out my Facebook page you will see my plea: Am I your Guest Blogger?

For the last week I have been struggling with my current crisis: My laptop crashed.

No, when it happened I didn’t scream and run around in circles with my hands on my head like one of those cartoon characters my son watches on Nick. I was prepared. I had a backup. Unfortunately, I didn’t discover until I restored my files that my backup didn’t include my Outlook. So… Continue

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Back to Israel: Recall what's foreign

When you live in a foreign place, it can become home. You forget how foreign it is.

Then you go to another foreign country, only to discover that it doesn’t seem so foreign. And you realize that the place you live actually IS extremely foreign.

That’s what happened to me during the last week, when I toured Germany to read from my third Palestinian rime novel THE SAMARITAN’S…

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Literary reviews: If you can’t say something nice…

Kingsley Amis said that “a bad review may spoil your breakfast, but you shouldn’t allow it to spoil your lunch.” That’s because Kingsley, bless his vindictive old heart, was probably too busy spoiling someone else’s. Believe me, a bad review leaves a bad taste all day long.

That’s not because of any insecurity about my writing. If a review is negative or even mildly snarky, I know the reviewer got it wrong. It’s the mere existence of negative thoughts about me…

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Coffee cultures of Israelis, Palestinians...and Hawaiians

>I have a lot of good reasons for staying in the Middle East as long as I have. While the main thing keeping me here 14 years and counting may truly be inertia, I also enjoy being an outsider, researching my Palestinian crime novels on site, visiting the Palestinian towns whose atmosphere of violence, decay and liveliness makes me feel so creative.

But let’s get down to brass tacks: I’m here for the coffee.

There’s no…

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Gumshoe Review: THE FOURTH ASSASSIN 'excellent'...and a list of crime fiction good, bad and pointless

Top crime fiction blog Gumshoe Review rates my new Palestinian crime novel THE FOURTH ASSASSIN very highly: "Rees does an excellent job of showing the pressures on the young Palestinians and describing the microcosm of one immigrant community within the U.S. The mystery also contains plenty of twist and turns." Read Mel Jacobs's full review.

If you feel compelled to read any other…

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'The Fourth Assassin' takes Page 69 Test

The blog empire of the Campaign for the American Reader has as its flagship the Page 69 Test. The premise is this: open any book to page 69; if it grabs you, that's a better indication of whether you'll enjoy the book than simply reading the opening page. Try it on a book you like (and one you don't), it usually is quite reliable. Blogger Marshal Zeringue asked me to submit my new Palestinian crime novel,…

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The (Forgotten) Book You Have to Read: Simenon's 'Saint-Fiacre Affair'

<img src="" alt="" title="Maigret Goes Home" width="190" height="320" class="alignright size-full wp-image-887" />Crime fiction blog <a href="">The Rap Sheet</a> runs a weekly feature asking authors to write about a "forgotten" book that merits new attention. This last week the blog's editor asked me to…

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What am I reading?

<img src="" alt="" title="Wolf Hall" width="158" height="238" class="alignright size-full wp-image-875" />On the <a href="">"Writers Read" blog</a>, which is run by the indefatigable Marshal Zeringue, the latest post features my most recent reading. It's not what you might think -- in other words, it isn't detective fiction…

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Moving Blog Site

As I said on Friday, I'm moving my main blog to a site more suited to my subject: less writing stuff, more reader stuff. I will still post on CS from time to time because I enjoy the people here.

If you want to read the "new" stuff, I'll be on three sites

Amazon Central



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New year, new blog

One of my favorite Italian writers, Giuseppe di Lampedusa, wrote: "If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change." So I'm inaugurating my new blog today, to see in the New Year, with the same insightful content, of course, but a good-looking, up-to-date platform with many new features. I call the new blog… Continue

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