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6 Mistakes to Avoid at a Crime Scene Straight From a Cold Case Detective

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Crime scenes aren’t as cut and dry as one might think.  There are many variables and each one should be carefully identified, searched, documented, and processed correctly.  The process doesn’t flow like the…


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Violent Death of Infant Results in Only a Ninety-Day Sentence

How much prison time should be considered appropriate for the murder of an infant?  Yes, there must be consideration for intent, maliciousness, premeditation of this act . . . but what is the ballpark?  Five years?  Ten years?  Twenty?  Maybe life?

Well, how about ninety days in prison for the death of a six-month-old girl?  That is the sentence handed down to a teen dad in Colorado after…


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Why Do We Cringe at Terrible Sounds?

Fingernails slowly dragged down a chalkboard, a shrieking woman, or that high-pitch sound of a drill makes us cringe on the spot and cower in disgust.  Even pressing your hands against your ears does not seem to help.  Okay, I admit it, I like to find weird and unusual science stuff in addition to my crime…


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A host of DI Horton novels to be published over next eight months

A whole host of titles in the popular DI Andy Horton crime series by Pauline Rowson are to be released over the next eight months.Responding to demand Severn House Publishers is to publish the new DI Andy Horton crime novel, Undercurrent, the ninth in the series, in the UK in January 2013 and in the USA in May 2013. They have also…


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The Criminal Mind is Different

You probably have seen an episode of Law and Order: SVU or Criminal Minds during which the police psychologist explains a brain scan of an accused criminal to a packed courtroom.  It makes for great television, but does this premise reflect real…


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A HEALTHY FEAR OF MAN is now available on Amazon

A HEALTHY FEAR OF MAN, the second novel in the Paul Little series is available on Amazon.

See what people are saying...

"There’s a nether world of bars with crooked doors, gum smacking medical examiners, and people with odd ideas acting on them. They populate byways we’d be best to avoid and…


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New DI Andy Horton Mystery by Pauline Rowson to be Published by Severn House in January

I'm delighted to announce that I have signed a contract with my publisher Severn House for the next in the DI Andy Horton series of marine mystery crime novels set on the South Coast of England.

Undercurrent is the ninth crime novel to feature the flawed and rugged DI Andy Horton and is set in Portsmouth, UK. It is to be published in the UK January 2013 and in the USA in July 2013. It is…


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Pauline Rowson on the emotions involved in writing a crime novel

Each stage of writing a novel for me brings with it a range of different emotions. These range from excitement and frustration, to relief, doubt and fear, plus a whole lot in between.

I'm currently working on the tenth in the DI Andy Horton series and the theme is developing nicely.Eager to begin writing I don't wait until I have a complete outline. I don't even wait until I have conducted all my research and I certainly have no idea at this stage who the killer is and why. All I know…


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"For the Love of Crime Fiction" by Aaron Philip Clark

I was invited to Paul D. Brazill's blog where I chat about my love of crime fiction and other things. Read here.

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No Bones about Writing Bad Guys

When I outline bad guys for my novels, it often reads like a police rap sheet and a psychological profile.  I can’t overstate the effectiveness for research and outlining in fiction writing.  There’s always those little pieces of nuggets that you can weave into the story that gives it the added realism and authenticity.  These nuggets are like pieces of gold for me and I love hunting for…


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Working on the new DI Horton marine mystery crime novel - How I plan my crime novels - Pauline Rowson

I'm often asked how I go about planning a novel.When starting a fresh crime novel (as I am now, having recently finished writing the ninth in the DI Andy Horton series) I have the basic idea in mind. I will start to flesh this out using spider grams and time lines to work up the basic plot lines and character outlines, working in pencil on recycled pieces of A4 paper.

Often I will create some characters who won’t appear in the novel at all because by the time I start to write the…


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Psychological Terror and the Movie Villain

As we approach the end of the summer movie season, I’ve had some thoughts about what makes a classic on-screen villain.  I’ve often heard interviews with actors who say that the bad guy is the most fun to play, and I understand why.  They are fascinating!

There are the villains…


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Plunge Right into the Action!

You caught me.  I admit it.  I’m a huge Die Hard movie fan (see photo above of Bruce Willis as John McClane from Die Hard).

I love to write action and fight scenes in my novels.  I’m not quite sure what that actually stems from, but I thrive on ways to figure out interesting and sometimes very physical ways to get my main character…


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Red Hot Crime for a Red Hot Summer - DI Horton Marine Mystery and thrillers on Kindle Price Promotion

My crime novels are on a summer reading promotion on Amazon Kindle. So if you haven't tried them before and fancy a summer reading of crime you can get them at the fantastic price of 99p on  amazon uk and at $1.54…


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Death Lies Beneath-the new DI Horton Crime Novel-Pauline Rowson-Now Published in the UK and Kindle Special Promotion

The eighth in the DI Andy Horton series of marine mystery crime police procedural novels, Death Lies Beneath is officially published today in the UK in hardcover by Severn House.  It will be published in the USA in November.

Death Lies Beneath by Pauline Rowson…


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NEWS UPDATE — Dark Mind Received Critical Nods

July started out with some real fireworks!  I found on July 1st, that Dark Mind, my latest Emily Stone Thriller, has received two award…


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Love for a Serial Killer

Many of us had mothers who warned us against the “bad boy”?  Perhaps you even had a father who stood on the front porch waiting for your date of questionable repute to arrive while conveniently cleaning his pistol at the same time.  Despite the wise advice to walk away from trouble and our own conscious knowledge that we are making a bad choice, a good number…


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Women Have Contributed to Law Enforcement for More than a Century

In my crime fiction Emily Stone Thriller Series, the main character is an ex-police officer where she had to go toe to toe with a male dominated profession.  Certain situations (don’t want to give away any spoilers) dictated that she had to quit her post, but she more than made…


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Heating up with Arson Investigations

I’ve been immersed with various aspects of forensic research and writing my next Emily Stone ThrillerDead Burn.  Some writers find research tedious, boring, and…


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Writing from the Psyche (The Writing of Night Corridor) by Joan Hall Hovey


Night Corridor - Kindle/Paperback - Amazon, B&N





“Most of the basic material a writer works with is acquired before the age of fifteen.” -Willa Cather

We’re told to write with passion…


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