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Writing A Crime Novel Without Getting Busted

By Mark Young

After chasing crooks for a number of years as a cop, I forget that some writers might break out in hives trying to figure out to write about the slimy side of life—interaction and investigation of the criminal world. Some writers’ life experiences might not have…


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Radio Interview, DI Horton Crime Novels and Marketing Tips

On Saturday night I appeared on the Arts and Culture Show on Voice FM  talking to the radio presenter Xan Phillips about my marine mystery crime novels, the inspiration behind my flawed and rugged detective DI Andy Horton, the latest in the Horton series, Undercurrent and the importance of marketing for authors, artists and musicians.

Click here to listen to the…


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Pauline Rowson on book tour in North East England in April

I will be undertaking a book tour in the North East of England in April to publicise my latest crime novel to feature the flawed and rugged DI Andy Horton, Undercurrent,published by Severn House and to talk to readers about how I research, plot and write my novels.…


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A hero with real problems is the key to creating a good crime series says Pauline Rowson

DI Andy Horton has been described as 'an especially good series hero, a likable fellow with plenty of street smarts and the requisite personal baggage - an abrasive supervisor (DCI Lorraine Bliss) and an antagonistic soon to be ex wife.' Booklist (USA) Footsteps on the Shore.

Heroes in detective novels are often ordinary people with their own set of problems and the key to producing a successful crime novel is not necessarily that the hero saves the world, aka James Bond, but…


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Latest DI Horton Published in UK and Commonwealth, Undercurrent by Pauline Rowson

Undercurrent, the ninth in the marine mystery crime series featuring the flawed and rugged detective DI Horton is now published in the UK and Commonwealth by Severn House. It will be published in the USA on 1 May 2013.

Set in the Solent area on the South Coast of England the DI Horton series has received critical acclaim both in the UK and the USA where they have been compared to the works…


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The city of Indianapolis as a setting

Indianapolis is a middle American city.  Until I lived there, I never took it seriously.  The bad news was that I was very prejudiced against it.  The good news was that, being an Easterner, I knew that I was prejudiced against everything between Pennsylvania and the Pacific Coast states, with possible - but not definite, exception made for the city of Boulder, Colorado where some enlightened souls [yes, that means Hippies] had taken up residence during a spreading of the population of the…


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On location with Pauline Rowson's DI Andy Horton in the new marine mystery crime novel, Undercurrent

The new DI Andy Horton, number nine in the series, called Undercurrent, will be published in the UK and Commonwealth on 31 January and in the USA on 1 May 2013. Like all the DI Horton novelsit is set against the backdrop of the sea in the Solent area on the South Coast of England.

In this crime novel DI Horton has a new mystery…


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DI Horton Crime Novel Nominated for Book Award

I'm delighted to announce that the seventh in the DI Andy Horton crime series, A Killing Coast has been nominated by my publisher Severn House for the eDUNNIT AWARD at CrimeFest 2013.

Crimefest is…


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A busy year beckons for crime author, Pauline Rowson

It’s customary at this time of the year to look ahead to the coming year and while none of us can predict what 2013 will bring and how it will shake out I’ve taken the opportunity to highlight some of the things that are planned.

New DI Horton Mystery Crime Novels for 2013…


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Looking back at the highlights of 2012

2012 was another busy and rewarding year with two new DI Andy Horton Mystery crime novels, (number seven and eight in the series published), A Killing Coast and Death…


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DVD of CSI Portsmouth 2012 where crime fiction meets crime fact now on sale

A DVD of CSI Portsmouth 2012, which was held on 3 November as part of Portsmouth Bookfest, featuring crime authors Stephen Booth, Ann Cleeves, Matt Hilton and Pauline Rowson has now been released and is on sale as a two disk…


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The Perfect System for Writing a Novel by Pauline Rowson

All writers have different ways of working and finding the ‘perfect system’ for planning, researching, plotting, structuring and writing a novel is often a matter of trial and error until something clicks. That’s how it was for me anyway.

Before I struck on my 'perfect system' I tried all sorts of ways of compiling my research, plotlines, and character outlines, from using note books to wall maps, from card indexes to ring binders. None of them worked. The ring binders looked…


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Policing the Solent fiction meets crime fact on Deadly Waters

My fictional detective, DI Andy Horton, is based in Portsmouth and the Solent area on the South Coast of England. The Solent is the busiest waterway in Europe and one of the busiest in the world with around one million commercial and naval shipping movements and in excess of 10 million pleasure craft movements per year, so it's a brilliant area in which to set a series of crime novels, with plenty of inspiration and lots of activity.

The DI Horton marine mystery crime novels…


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Pauline Rowson on choosing names for characters in crime novels

Getting the right name for characters in my crime fiction novels can be a tricky business. Sometimes they come to me completely out of the blue, as I am creating a character, other times I will struggle to find the name that best suits that particular character and until I do the personality refuses to come fully alive. The name has to fit. If it's not right then the character isn't right. The name also needs to fit with the age and nationality although you can have…


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Two successful talks in the North East of England about the DI Horton Marine Mystery Crime Novels & how I write

I'm back from a very successful mini tour of the North East of England where I was invited to give two talks.

This is the third time in three years that I have given talks to readers in the North East of England and I shall once again be in the area in April 2013 taking part in CSI Gateshead at Gateshead Library, a mini version of CSI Portsmouth, which I help to organise every year as part of Portsmouth…


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Death Lies Beneath, DI Horton no.8 published in US today and as an ebook

Death Lies Beneath, which was published in the UK in July, has now been published in hardcover in the USA by Severn House and is also now available as an…


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CSI Portsmouth 2012 You Tube: Pauline Rowson talks to Angel Radio about Cybercrime, fraud, crime scenes and crime fiction

In this short video I'm talking to Tony Smith of Angel Radio about the forthcoming CSI Portsmouth event being held on Saturday 3 November at the John Pounds Centre, Queens Street, Portsmouth UK.

This video appears on my You Tube Channel where you can also find lots of other videos and interviews with me discussing my crime novels and my writing and giving tips and techniques.…


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Footsteps on the Shore, no. 6 in DI Horton series, reprinted in paperback and available as an e book

Footsteps on the Shore, the sixth in the DI Andy Horton seriesof marine based mystery crime novels set on the South Coast of England,…


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Crime Scene Fire Investigations Team feature in crime novels and at CSI Portsmouth

The Hampshire Police Fire Investigations Officer DC Terry Fitzjohn and Watch Manager Andy Earl of the Arson Task Force will be appearing at CSI Portsmouth 2012 on the morning panel along with Crime Scene Manager Carolyn Lovell from Hampshire Police and crime authors, Matt Hilton and Stephen Booth and myself.…


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We have a established a new crime imprint (NOT a vanity press!) called Grey Cells Press, and our first books will be coming out in the New Year 2013. We are still seeking submissions.

We are looking for most types of crime fiction, from the classic English

whodunit through to police procedurals and hardboiled detectives: Christie

to Chandler, Marsh to Mosley, Paretsky, Dexter and Tey and puzzles by Carr and

Crispin and Queen. We want well-written, satisfying work. It…


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