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How do you like your villains? Naughty-by-nature or naughty-by-nurture?


I've been thinking about serial killers lately. And how weird it is that I've never met one. I mean, according to the world of fictional film and books, serial killers are everywhere, stalking our friends and neighbors, waiting in the bushes, and always watching. And yet, strangely, I can't recall the last time my path has crossed with an electric drill-wielding maniac or a cross-dressing cannibal. Maybe I should get out more.


Or maybe it says something about our… Continue

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Bestselling teeth for Writers

A few years ago, I was at dinner with an American couple who were friends of mine. I had known them a while, but there was something odd about them that night. When they spoke, I was slightly dazzled. I paid more attention to his jokes, even though I had heard most of them before. She was suddenly very attractive.
I couldn’t work out what it was that had transformed them. Then I saw it. “Your teeth are very white,” I said.
“Crest White Strips,” they both responded,…

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My tale of Confederate payback, Old Times There are not Forgotten, received honorable mention in Spinetingler's Pay the Bitch Back short story contest!…


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Wake Up Dead: Interview with a Killer

While I was researching WAKE UP DEAD, I met a man who had spent 30 years in prison in Cape Town, South Africa, and had become a general in one of the feared Number Gangs. I based WAKE UP DEAD's psychopathic Piper on some of what he told me. Recently he allowed me to shoot an interview with him. Much of what he decribes -- including a brutal prison murder -- has never been captured on video before.…


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How to create empathy as a writer

Malcolm Muggeridge (an old English literateur) once said that George Orwell “was no good as a novelist, because he didn’t have the interest in character.” Well, I didn’t need to tell you who George Orwell was, so you may doubt the judgment of the largely forgotten Muggeridge. But I think he was very close to an important factor for the novelist.

Here’s why: Character creates empathy in a novel. It puts the reader in a relationship with the work. Muggeridge’s…

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'Exotic' crime fiction makes unpalatable places bearable

“Exotic” crime fiction has taken off in the last decade. People want to read about detectives in far-off places, even if they don’t want to wade through learned histories of those distant lands.

Many of the biggest selling novels of the last decade have been “exotic crime.” You’ll find a detective novel set almost everywhere in the world, from the “Number One Ladies Detective Agency” in Botswana through Camilleri’s Sicily to dour old Henning Mankell in…

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Stealing the novel

If there’s one thing that authoring a series of novels will teach you, it’s that you can’t wait for inspiration. But you can prompt it, give it little shocks that’ll keep it bubbling within you. Here are a few methods I use to do just that.

I travel to the places I’m writing about. I talk to people who might be similar to (or even provide the basis for) my characters. I read about them and their world. I engage in the same activities in which they…

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Book Tour Week Three underway!

If you haven't jumped on the Buried Angel Book Tour bandwagon, go out to my website at and get the stops list. You can still join us! I am giving away free ebooks and we are having a ton of fun!

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End of second week of Book Tour

And I am over here chatting about how to tweak your muse and get it motivated!

Come by and have some fun!

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Day seven: the act of writing

Chatting about the act of writing today on my book tour stop over at My Book Addiction come on by and you might win something for leaving a comment!

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Book Tour day six

Over at Denyse's Fantasy pages talking about planting clues in a mystery. Come along and play with me this week as the virtual book tour for Buried Angel continues!

Fantasy Pages

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VBT: Day Three

Over here talking about the making of the book, and how I got some ideas for it. Join us!

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Virtual Book Tour Day two

If you are following me around the net this month, thank you so much! I appreciate your support so much! If you want to chat with me about goals and resolutions for the new year, go on over to day two here

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First stop on virtual book tour

Off to a running start with the book tour over here and I hope you will join me. Everyone who leaves a comment will be in the running for a give-away.

Happy Touring!

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Buried Angel Book Tour 2010

Join Kim Smith, author of the cozy mystery, Buried Angel (Red Rose Publishing), as she virtually tours the blogosphere in January 2010 on her third virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book Promotion!

About Kim Smith

Kim Smith is the hostess for the popular radio show, Introducing… Continue

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My FIVE BEST READS of 2009 (in alphabetical order)

AMERICAN RUST - Philipp Meyer, AWAIT YOUR REPLY - Dan Chaon, PARIAH - Dave Zeltserman, RAVENS - George Dawes Green, ROAD DOGS - Elmore Leonard.

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Okay, just to prove that authors DO read rotten Amazon reviews, here are my three favorites for MIXED BLOOD in 2009:

J. STORM: “It was like sitting through jury duty, waiting for your name to be called, all the while pretending to glance through the subpar magazine selections in the waiting room. (Not a lot of love in that waiting room . . .)

SALLY ATMAN: “I barely made it through this book; I dreaded what I was going to find on the page every time I picked it up.” (Bits of yesterday’s breakfast… Continue

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Rebecca York will be on Introducing WRITERS! radio show

Slave to a fearsome master, Kenna has come to our universe to prepare for an invasion. When she meets werewolf Talon Marshall, she longs to tell him her terrible secret and enlist his help. But every time she tries to reveal her mission, a lightning bolt of pain stops her words. Can she find a way to communicate with Talon before its too late for our world?

Meet Rebecca York, author of Dragon Moon, as she visits with Kim Smith and discusses this latest work.

730 pm… Continue

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Variety reports that Phillip Noyce will direct Mixed Blood the movie

Variety, Hollywood Reporter and Screen International have given a lot of space to the announcement that Phillip Noyce will helm the… Continue

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