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A new short story up on darkestbeforedawn

A new Turner/Frank short story is up and running on darkestbeforedawn. A grisly little tale about obsessive love. Tell me what you think. Find it at;


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Chapter one of Ffolkes' Medicine

Thought I would post chapter one of the next book coming out. It's the pirate-detective novel featuring the loud-mouth pirate Geoffery Armitage Ffolkes. Cyrano de Bergerac has nothing on this guy for brass balls or panache.

Find it here:


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Try out chapter one of Book Three of my Turner/Frank police-procedurals.

Go over to my blogspot and try out chapter one of Book Three of the police-procedurals I'm writing. It's called Guilt of Innocence. Become a fan. Make an acidic--or even, perhaps, a compliment. Hell, it's possible.

My New Year's resolution is to bring out two Turner/Frank novels this year. And maybe. . . just maybe . . . actually make more money than I spend in promoting them. That'd be a refreshing change.

Find it at:…


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