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Ffolkes' Medicine gets its first review.

A fellow Crimespacer (Joyce J.) read and reviewed my Ffolkes' Medicine: The Adventures of Geoffery Armitage Ffolkes begin.

Go check it out here:…


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The Khamaileon . . .

Last night I am minding my own business and screwing around with a few words on the screen when--Pop! Up jumps this character out of my subconscious. A cross between a Jason Bourne action figure and an avengel angel type like 'The Punisher.'

The difference between the comic avenging angels is that you never see this guy's true identity. You see his disguises. You hear his thoughts. But that's it. Who he says he is may not be accurate either. As, in the end, is the question as…


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Ouch. There's no frick'en way. . . .

Just read the requirements the Mystery Writers of America require for a publisher to be accepted and placed on their offical list. Now, interestingly enough, I can see somewhat the logic behind their actions. They want quality. Yeah, so do I.

But their stiff demands concerning payments to authors and book runs just about elminates 95% of the small publishers in this country. And that's unfair. There's lots of good writing going on thru a number of small houses. They'll never…


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