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YouWriteOn.com is a tough crowd

The British Arts Council has this thing called YouWriteOn.com. It's like Authonomy.com but a bit more formal--and far more stringent in its requirements. So I put up one of my manuscripts I'm shopping around (the Death of a Young Lieutenant script) and finally received two reviews--you need five reviews for it to be considered by agents, publishers, etc.

What's interesting about the reviews is this; both liked the story. But one was either an agent or editor. He gave good ratings on… Continue

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Hey, check out My Page in here

Finally figures out how to put music on my personal page (yeah, I'm slow). If you want to groove thru a mystery, try this little ditty.

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State Attorney Generals and American Library Association concerned over Google settlement

Yahoo has two stories out about several US state Attorney Generals looking into the Google Settlement. It also has a story on the American Library Association wanting the Feds to closely monitor the Google Settlement. They're thinking that, basically, Google is setting up a monopoly on the acquistion of all these books and to access them, libraries are going to have to cough up some hefty change to pay for them

Did I not say this battle was far from over?

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You know . . . I miss Nash Bridges

TV shows come and go. So many that they begin to blur in your memory. Very few really carve out a unique spot and live on as individuals separated from the pack of also-rans. Nash Bridges, for me, is one of those shows.

I miss Nash. Don Johnson really cut a different kind of cop in this character. Of course he was unbelievble. He was just too good at what he did. But there was a panache, a kind of chutzpah that I liked in the character.

No one on the small screen comes… Continue

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The Fourth Bourne Movie

Somewhere a little birdy told me they're in the middle of production for the fourth Bourne movie. A movie this time not based off a book. Ooooh! Can't wait for that one! I love Bourne! In both the books and the movies!

Action movies are hard to make correctly. Simply throwing one more car chase or fake explosion onto the screen doesn't really satisfy me. But controlled violence that has a purpose behind it is far more fascinating! So far the Bourne movies have delivered. We'll… Continue

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