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I was interviewed this last Friday at Ijustfinished.com. Click on the audio button and be amazed at the silliness I utter.


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A new review for Ffolkes' Medicine

Got a new review for Ffolkes' Medicine. Thought I would share it.


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An expanded, "Tough Guys: The homicide cases of Turner Hahn and Frank Morales."

I've expanded and added several more short stories the the collection featuring homicide detectives Turner Hahn and Frank Morales. I've also reduced the price. Thirteen stories now for only $2.50. You can find it at smashwords. Or just go to the site listed below.


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'See you in Hell' is up on A Twist of Noir

A story of mine featuring a hitman named Smitty is up on A Twist of Noir. The story is called 'See you in Hell.'

Don't read it if you're squeamish. A .50 caliber bullet can be messy.


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Come over and meet 'Smitty'

Came up with a new character--a cold blooded SOB by the name of Smitty. Hitman by profession. Come over and read this first installment. Tell me what you think.

Find him here:


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