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My incredible talent. . . .

I have an incredible talent. It's called Foot-In-Mouth Disease. It seems all if have to do is open my mouth. And then . . . . holy french fries! People go ballistic on me! I mean they get so upset their blood pressure has the same pressure-wave signature of a tsunami!

A talent whih probably has kept me from getting published sooner. Now, if I could make money with this talent. . . . .

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Found this joke on the net . . . .

Found this joke about editors/publishers on the net:

What's the difference between a publisher and a terrorist?

Answer: You can negotiate with a terrorist

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'A Taste of Old Revenge' about to be sent off to my publisher. . . maybe.

'A Taste of Old Revenge,' the second Turner Hahn/Frank Morales novel of mine is ready to send off to the publishers. The same one who did the first Turner/Frank novel. I gotta feeling I'm going to have to mimic the route Louis L'Amour took in climbing that literary mountain--doing dozens of Westerns seemingly in the closet until finally, someone catches on and takes notice.

Maybe the idea is to build a fan base large enough to force a major agent/publisher to take notice. Who knows?… Continue

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'A Freak'en Mess' Turner Hahn/Frank Morales short story is up on Eastern Standard Crime.

Another one of my homicide detective short-stories featuring Turner Hahn and Frank Morales is featured on the latest Eastern Standard Crime website. Take a peek and tell me what you think.

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Do ya' think opening a bookstore specializing in Crime Fiction makes sense?

We hear all kinds of stories about bookstores, publishers, etc., pulling the shades and locking their doors permanently. So does it make sense for anyone to even consider opening a bookstore that would specialize in a particular genre? (for me, I'm thinking Detective/Mystery and anything directly related to it).

Would something like this have even a ghost of a chance to survive? would it have to be a brick-and-mortar store? Or do you think it could work just on the web? (of course,… Continue

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A writer's joke (an old one, true. But still good)

A writer comes home and finds his wife standing beside their home completely gutted by fiire. Beside the smoking embers his wife stands, sobbing.

"Honey, what happened!"

"Oh, darling! The phone rang this morning and I answered it. It was your agent. But when I answered the phone, I didn't see the frying pan filled with grease catch on fire. The curtains caught on fire, and then the ceiling began to burn. The dog started barking and bolted out the back door, taking the… Continue

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