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So what happens if you opt your story to Kindle . . . ?

Suppose you decide to download your book on Kindle. Can you also put it on Barnes&Noble's new reader when it comes out? Are we going to see turf wars and proprietary clauses on published works between all the readers?

Does this scenario appear to be even remotely possible?

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What's this rumor/story about a new crime imprint?

I caught a glimpse of a story somewhere about Little, Brown&Co. thinking about coming up with a new crime fiction imprint. Anyone else hear anything?

Neil. . . . care to comment?

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Okay, some great reviews. The book's been out for a year--now what?

So here I am sitting in front of the computer and writing this little ditty and thinking, "What's next?"

I've got a book out called Murderous Passions. But you (or many of you) already know that. It's not Literature and it's not trash--actually a few people have read it and liked it. And some sterling (and I do mean that sincerely) reviews have been posted on Amazon, in here, and on Barnes&Noble.

But the book is in the backwaters of nowhere as far as… Continue

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It's not crime related, but if you're in for a little Fantasy . . .

It's not a crime novel or shot story. But over on my blog at www.rolandofthehighcrags-evilarises.blogspot.com I've got the Chapter One: Part One of the novel up and running.

Go over and sign up on the blog. Make some comments. I'll be posting more as time goes by.

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Hawaii Five-0 Reboot

There's talk going on that CBS is thinking about rebooting the old '70's cop show 'Hawaii Five-O.' J.J. Abrams (the latest Star Trek movie,) is being mentione being involved--so it has the potential of having a good prduction qualities to it.

But who'll play the head role Jack Lord (I think that was his name) had as the lead? Like all other reboots, you gotta sit back and take the wait-and-see attitude. It might work. It might not.

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Updated my dedicated web site for the Turner Hahn/Frank Morales series

I've udated the Turner Hahn/Frank Morales web site ( www.turnerhahnnovles.com )

I've placed the images of Turner and Frank up it as created by Adam Grose--a talented graphic-novels artist from England. Check it out.

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"It's Cold" is up and running on Powderburnflash.

My short story called 'It's Cold,' is up and running on www.powderburnflash.com It's another Turner Hahn/Frank Morales piece.

Hope you like it.

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Its not a crime story, but try out my new blog spot

I have a new blog spot dedicated to serializing the first book of my fantasy. The book's entitled, Roland of the High Crags: Evil Arises. Starting on the 15th of this month I'm adding the first installment of the book. Every month afterward comes another installment.

You can go check it out now. I wrote a short intro. for it and posted it. Find it at www.rolandofthehighcrags-evilarises.blogspot.com

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How do you know when you're being taken for a sucker?

Royalty statement came in for one of my books--the police-procedural series I'm writing. Oddly enough, I get the strongest impression I'm being screwed. When the book came out it was within three months of the first royalty reporting months. It sold X number of books. This second royalty statement comes almost a year to the publishing date later. A year's worth of advertising, book signings, internet ads, discussions, blogging---a year's worth of getting several very good reviews from fans and… Continue

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Did you see the story about Rowling getting denied an award?

Did you see the story about J.K. Rowling being denied a National Freedom Medal because some wag in the Bush administration believed Rowling's Harry Potter books were promoting witchcraft? Isn't it just swell our country is filled with intelligent, college-trained professionals and not by narrow minded religious crackpots! It makes me all giddy inside.

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