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A new story up over on my blog

I have another one of my Turner/Frank cop stories up over on my blog. Go over and read it--maybe join up and become a fan. Hell, maybe you'll read it and find an inspiration to write a hilarious comedy script! Stranger things have happened.

Find it at


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Historical detective. 'Ffolkes' Medicine' due out either in December or early January.

The pirate-detective novel I've mention called 'Ffolkes' Medicine' is due to come late this December or in early January.

Pirates--murder--egos as large as the Caribbean itself--what's not to like?

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Check out ShadowLine Press web page

For those of us who dream of getting published, you should go over to ShadowLine Press and check'em out. They're new--and they're looking for writers. The kind of writers found in here. Being brand new means everyone is starting on the ground floor. Kinda exciting, if you ask me.

And when you go over there, check out their 'authors' page. Neat, Maynard.

They're at


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"A Freak'en Mess,' is on my blog

Go to my blog and read a Turner Hahn/Frank Morales short story entitled 'A Freak'en Mess.' It's another one of my noir-police-procedural stories.

I'm thinking about collecting all these damn things and going straight to Kindle as a book of short stories (or have I said this, already? Ha! Senility!)

Oh. . . and why not join up as a member? You see, you can throw darts at my stories and we'll all feel better.

Find it at:…


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A stupid question: is it possible . . . .

Hardback novels going at between $25 and $35 per. Expensive, to say the least. So here's the stupid question; is it possible to craft a hardback book for less than $20--and make a profit?

If 'No' what makes'em so expensive? If 'Yes' then why in hell aren't publishers cranking'em out? Surely they see the potential of selling more books if they were cheaper?

Is it really true that outrageous up-front money to major authors contribute to outrageous book prices? Or is it more… Continue

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Opeining lines to 'Murderous Passions' on my blog

Over on my blog I've put up the opening lines to 'Murderous Passions.' The first Turner/Frank novel of mine. If you haven't taken a look at the novel, go over and check it out. You can post a remark (using an alias, of course) and tell me what's all wrong with it. Or. . . . miracles behold! . . . . you might find you like it.

In my other posts I've started a little discusson on the difference between 'noir' and 'hard-boiled' styles in writing. . . stealing of course, a few ideas from… Continue

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Book pricings wars and the New Yorker take on it all

Look at this article from the New Yorker. An interesting take on the Wal-Mart/Amazon pricing wars.


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Try out my blog dedicated to the Turner/Frank novels of mine

I haven't a clue what I am doing with this blog. But, in the grand effor to push your own books and be that consummate salesman, I've decided to create a blog for the Turner Hahn/Frank Morales police-procedurals I'm writing.

Comments, guffaws, and out-right insults will be appreciated. Find it at


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Huffingtonpost report has an interesting article about the demise of hardback books

Just found this article about the possible demise of the hardback novel. Kindle is doing a wonderful job (sarcasm, here) in killing off a dinosaur. Or . . . at least drastically changing the business model.

Find it at:


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Well well, good news comes in bunches.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned to everyone in here that I signed contracts with Shadow Line Press for a novel of mine entitled Death of a Young Lieutenant.

Well, tonight I found in the mail a second contract from Shadow Line for the second Turner Hahn/Frank Morales novel entitled A Taste of Old Revenge. I've shared the on-going artwork of building the cover for this book, if you'll remember.

Now. . . I'll sign the contract and hope one--or… Continue

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Short story of mine, 'Jimmy's Dead' up on Darkest Before the Dawn

Another one of my Turner Hahn/Frank Morales short stories entitled 'Jimmy's Dead' can be found on Darkest Before the Dawn website. It's another one of those police-procedural noir thingees of mine.

Go to www.darkestbeforedawn. net

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My pirate-detective novel is in pre-preduction stages.

Just heard from the publisher my novel, Ffolkes' Medicine is gearing up to go into the pre-preduction stages. From what it sounds like, it should see the light of day say somewhere around. . . oh . . . Spring of 2050?

Maybe sooner.

But it's a different kind of detective novel. A loud mouth pirate living in Port Royal, Jamaica in the 17th Century. The perfect place to find a dead body or two lying around on a daily basis since it was the pirate haven of the… Continue

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