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Tough Guys: The homicide cases of Turner Hahn and Frank Morales.

Just got the artwork from Adam Grose for the ebook collection of eight short stories featuring Turner Hahn and Frank Morales. I've posted the artwork in the photo section. Going thru Smashwords.com to see if I generate some interest. Only asking $4.50. Of course, this is all experimental. We'll see if anything comes from it.

You can check out the artwork and connect to Smashwords by going here:


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Pre-orders for 'Ffolkes' Medicine.'

Ffolkes' Medicine the first novel in a historical-detective series I'm writing featuring an oversized ego of a man by the name of Geoffery Armitage Ffolkes, goes on sale in January, for $15.95.

If you're looking for a different kind of historical-detective . . . and I do mean different . . . you'll like this one. Ffolkes is a swordsman, poet, assassin, and bon vivant. He preens around like a struting cock rooster and is decidedly narcistic. Although a pirate, he secretly works… Continue

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Ffolkes' Medicine galley proof arrived in mail today.

Ffolkes' Medicine, the first of my historical-detective series thru a small company called Fireside Mysteries, is coming out in January. Meet Geoffery Armitage Ffolkes--a kinda cross between Cyrando de Bergerac and Sherlock Holmes. But one with a giant ego.

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Opening chapter for book four of my Turner Hahn/Frank Morales series.

'thought I'd put up in here the opening chapter of book four of the Turner/Frank police-procedural series I'm writing. It's entitled Two Deadly Little Affairs.

I'm open to criticism--blistering or kindly; suggestions of any kind. I work on a theory the opening chapter must capture a compelling crime-scene. A 'hook' has to capture the reader immediately. So I'm wondering in the 'hook' in this chapter is strong enough/

If yo got the time, take a look at… Continue

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Reviews for 'Murderous Passions'

Go over and check out my site for the Turner Hahn novels. Several reviews I pulled off Amazon.com for my book are listed. Three reviewers, of which, are members here in Crimespace (and to each I tip my hair-piece and bow humbly).

web site address is


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I can't help it . . . but look at this new cover of mine.

Yeah, it's my fantasy series again. Book two entitled Roland of the High Crags: Treacherous Brethren. This is the artwork for it. Two brothers (Jesus and Javier Carmona) from Madrid, Spain are doing the artwork for me. My ideas--their talent. It's a great combination.

Yep, I'm paying for the artwork. Which is okay by me--these two are highly talented and highly affordable. So if you're into needing a cover design, I'd recommend these two.

Go to the Roland page on my… Continue

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In for the Kit, in for the Kaboodle

Some have mentioned using smashwords, the e-book formatter to publish the works you own outright. Looked into this, and hey, it's not a bad sounding deal. If e-books are the wunderkund of the new publishing empire, might as well jump in with both feet.

Especially if you can believe the royalties they offer you.

So I own the kit and kaboodle of Roland of the High Crags: Evil Arises. You can download it for only seven bucks. Yeah, yeah . . . it's the fantasy novel of… Continue

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Well I'll be damn . . . .

After over a year being on the market . . . my police-procedural novel featuring two homicide detecives Turner Hahn and Frank Morales, entitled Murderous Passions, finally got an Amazon ranking.

For about a year its been riding slightly about the 630,000 mark on the Barnes&Noble web sites.

Tonight, Amazon.com started charting it at 135,000.

Of course the book will plunge down into the millions in a matter of days (if not hours). But to see it finally… Continue

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If anybody likes to read a little Fantasy along with Mysteries. . . . .

Go over to my blogspot for the novel Roland of the High Crags: Evil Arises (the first novel in the series I'm writing) and read part three of Chapter One. There's a chance you might like it. Or not.

Hell, I could even hope for maybe one or two of'ya to sign up as a fan. Seriously--it won't hurt.

See it at


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'Beano' is up on Darkest Before the Dawn

I'm playing around with another character in a couple of short stories. Maybe a book later on. Benjamin 'Beano' Benvenutti--a sort of' Mr. Fixit kind of P.I. A cross between a Sam Spade and a Jason Bourne.

It's up and running on Darkest Before the Dawn web site.

The first short story is entitled, simply enough, 'Beano.' Find it here:


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For a publisher, this could be the ultimate nightmare

Found this article in Publisher's Weekly which suggests a nightmare for publishers. A possibility which is, quite frankly, likely to happen. And the idea is like Pandora's Box---once the idea gets out into the open it will be impossible to dismiss it as foolishness.


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The new bookcover for 'A Taste for Old Revenge.'

Shadow Line Press has come up with their own version of a bookcover for 'A Taste of Old Revenge.' That's okay by me. The one I've commissioned I can redo and make it the book cover for the Smashwords effort called, 'Tough Guys: The homicide cases of Turner Hahn and Frank Morales.'

Take a look at the new cover at


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