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Review- Never Knowing by Chevy Stevens

I won this book on a GoodReads Giveaway, and, since I'd read and loved Steven's debut novel, Still Missing, waited the few weeks anxiously until the package arrived. It was so worth the wait.

Stevens again uses the conceit of a therapy patient's one sided conversation with her psychiatrist. As a psychotherapist myself, I rather enjoyed hearing the "other side". But I do question whether it was wise for Stevens to use this technique a second time. That said, however, I thought that the…


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Review: Fatal Tryst by David DeLee


David DeLee, author of Fatal Tryst, handles a tough subject--sexual abuse of a minor male by a female perp--with sensitivity and skill. In this Grace deHaviland short story, Grace and her good friend Deputy Suzie Jensen are on the trail of a female teacher who has jumped bail and has likely re-united with her fifteen year old student, Chad Beckman. The pair is on the run, with Grace and Suzie in pursuit.


Although “Fatal Tryst” is primarily an action-oriented crime…


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Book Review of "Conflict Of Interest" by Lauryn Christoper

It’s a strange feeling to like an assassin and I wouldn’t have thought I would. After all, as a therapist, I’m more into the “let’s make people feel better” side of things. Yet there’s no question that in “Conflict Of Interest,” author Lauryn Christopher manages to portray Margaret Harrison, corporate consultant, in a such a way that I find it completely understandable that she hires out to kill people as a side gig. A girl needs to make some play money, after all. Have a little savings set…


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