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Warning: Gripe Session Ahead

Everything I've been doing has finally caught up with me. Friday morning I woke up feeling awful and beyond exhausted. I'm feeling better now. I guess I just needed a couple of days of sleep.

Of course, because I missed school on Friday night, I will now have to do two make up classes. One for when I'll be at the writer's conference and one for the class I just missed. I really feel like I can't get a break. I feel overwhelmed by what I have to do and what is required of me by my… Continue

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Un - Freakin' - believable!

I take an English class on Monday nights till 10. The professor often has us work together in groups. So far I've worked with two different girls and two different guys. This one guy asked me if we could exchange e-mail addresses incase one of us misses a class we could keep each other informed and up to date with what's going on in the class. I thought, sure, why not. This way if I ever do miss a class I hadn't planned on missing I could find out what I missed. WELL! I received this e-mail… Continue

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A blog by an author on police procedures and investigations!!

The Graveyard Shift
by Lee Lofland, author of Police Procedure and Investigation, A Guide For Writers

Check it out!

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Anita Blake is back!

Blood Noir Banner

I don't know about you guys, but I am looking forward to Laurell K. Hamilton's 16th installment in her Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series! This one is focused on Jason, the cute, sexy and sassy werewolf! Can a guy be sassy? Hmmm.... How about, wiseguy? Yeah, that works better.… Continue

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Simple Human Decency

This is my first blog post on CrimeSpace... I'm sorry if it's somewhat negative. I'm usually a very positive person. But, sometimes, people just suck.

We had a snow storm in NY/NJ on Friday (Feb. 22). Inches of snow and hiding patches of ice (I presume). I drove all the way to work - over an hour on a normal day, I was there 20 minutes when my company decided to close. I go home, park my brand new 2008 black Honda Civic coupe in front of my house and left it there all weekend. The… Continue

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