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Today Was Library Sale Day

Today was the day of the annual library sale, where the public and school libraries of three counties put all their over-stock books together and sell them at great prices. I'm talking $5 for 3 hardcovers, and $2 for 3 paperbacks (mass market and trade size).

For a stingy yet voracious reader like myself, I always go ape-shit crazy at this sale, and I bought a huge load of books for about $25 in just about every genre and subject. The trick is that you have to get to the back room of… Continue

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The Agent Hunt Goes On

I restarted my agent hunt after a bout of what was possibly swine flu, and started sending out query letters to potentially interested agents.

I got 1 rejection so far, and like past rejections was sent in about the time it took for the assistant to hit the "reply" button, so it was pretty obvious that the materials they asked for probably weren't even read, so I now I know where not to try again.

Anyway, the hunt goes on.

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2 Good Reviews

The book I'm in Sha'Daa: Tales of the Apocalypse, got two good reviews available online.

One even included my chapter as a highlight, describing it as "fun." Which is sort of the point of the story.

Read them... HERE & HERE

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