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A Little Writer Related News...

The Writer's Guild of America is filled with righteous anger because the Emmy Awards decided to drop the scribe related categories from the telecast. Apparently they're just not worthy of ever appearing on the same stage as Kathy Griffin who will…

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Talk about lazy...

Okay, here's the story: I got a form rejection reply from another agent, or to be more specific, the agent's assistant, which stated that despite what their website and other public statements said, they're too busy and not looking for new clients, good luck, yadda yadda yadda, but this time it came with a little something extra.

You know when someone replies to an e-mail, there's usually the first e-mail on the top of the page, that's fairly common, but this time it got… Continue

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Rejection Letter Blues & A Request For Some Advice...

Got another rejection letter today, but at least this agent appears to have actually read the materials that were sent, which says something. That makes about five out of the dozen that I've applied to over the last few weeks, the rest haven't answered yet, and most of them probably won't if they feel the same lack of enthusiasm as the last agent had.

It does raise a question. Should I mention that the novel was recommended twice by editors at a major genre publishing company only to… Continue

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