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Novelists and Dead Body Calls

Homicide Always Called Out? Join me on Hook'em and Book'em as we explore another way to add tension and problems to your crime novel. Start the tension before homicide is ever called to the scene. It begins with the officer or sergeant faced with making the right… Continue

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Making of A Gangster

Caution: This is not an uplifting article. It is a story about a war I witnessed on the streets of… Continue

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Police officer to novelist, Part II interview with author Robin Burcell

Novelist Robin Burcell shares insight into the creation of her latest novel, The Bone Chamber, on Hook'em and Book'em. Lean about her research in Italy, including one of the finest places to dine.… Continue

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Interview: Counterterrorism Agent for U.S. Diplomatic Security Service

Former special agent Fred Burton, author of "GHOST: Confessions of a Counterterrorism Agent," is interviewed today regarding weaknesses in current security measures since 9/11 on Hook'em and Book'em. He works for a private security corporation as vice president for counterterrorism and corporate security after retiring from the U.S. Secretary of State's Diplomatic Security Service where he tracked terrorists.… Continue

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Detective, Negotiator, Forensic Artist and .... Published Author?

Robin Burcell, novelist and just-retired police officer, joins Hook'em and Book'em in a two-part interview: The article today focuses on Robin's 27-year-career in law enforcement. A second interview… Continue

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