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Police officer to novelist, Part II interview with author Robin Burcell

Novelist Robin Burcell shares insight into the creation of her latest novel, The Bone Chamber, on Hook'em and Book'em. Lean about her research in Italy, including one of the finest places to dine.… Continue

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Interview: Counterterrorism Agent for U.S. Diplomatic Security Service

Former special agent Fred Burton, author of "GHOST: Confessions of a Counterterrorism Agent," is interviewed today regarding weaknesses in current security measures since 9/11 on Hook'em and Book'em. He works for a private security corporation as vice president for counterterrorism and corporate security after retiring from the U.S. Secretary of State's Diplomatic Security Service where he tracked terrorists.… Continue

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Detective, Negotiator, Forensic Artist and .... Published Author?

Robin Burcell, novelist and just-retired police officer, joins Hook'em and Book'em in a two-part interview: The article today focuses on Robin's 27-year-career in law enforcement. A second interview… Continue

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Interview with former Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) agent Fred Burton regarding his book, GHOST: Confessions of a Counterterrorism Agent on Hook'em and Book'em. Fred left the U.S. Department of State to work for a private company tracking global conflict, including terrorist activities. Join us to learn about Fred and a journey through what he terms, "the Dark World." Part I of a two-part… Continue

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Novelist John Verdon

Author John Verdon joins us today on Hook'em and Book'em about his debut novel THINK OF A NUMBER, his writing career, and the story of his publishing path.

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Suspend Belief: Gun battle at 30,000 feet with no cabin pressure change?

How far will you allow a writer to suspend belief? Are we conditioned to believe? Is there a place inside us that willingly allows common sense to take a vacation if the story is compelling? How far will you go? Join us for a look at how far we'll accept the unbelievable on Hook'em and… Continue

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Recording Future Crimes? CIA and Google think it's possible.

Writer/Retired cop Lee Lofland invited me to his blog, The Graveyard Shift, to discuss a CIA-backed company that intends to peer into the future. For a price, you can buy a piece of that view. Read about how they intend to predict crimes of the future.

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Novels Beyond Good Taste

Does a writer have a responsibility to readers? Novels Beyond Good Taste: Sex, Profanity and Violence--Where do you stand on this issue? Join us on Hook'em and Book'em for a closer look at this issue.

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Women in Law Enforcement: Trying to Survive Dirty Harry

Retired police sergeant Betsy Brantner Smith discuss thriving in a police culture, working with the Dirty Harrys while surviving in a very challenging profession. Author, teacher, lecturer--Betsy helps other women learn survival skills.Learn more on Hook'em & Book'em.

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Crime Writers: Learn about police work from an expert

Lee Lofland—author and retired law enforcement—talks about how he uses prior police experience to help other authors write about crime fighting. Learn about the Writer's Police Academy where everyone gets hands-on experience in all aspects of law enforcement on Hook'em & Book'em.

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Getting Inside A Criminal's Mind

An aspiring novelist asks: How can you get inside a killer's head? Join us at Hook'em & Book'em as published authors and an ex-cop share insights.

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Lee Lofland Interviewed

Retired police officer and writer Lee Lofland shares his memories about law enforcement with mystery writers and readers on Hook'm & Book'em. Good background material for writers looking to deepen their characters.

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Novelist asks: Stranger Stalkers & Victims?

A novelist asks about 'stranger stalkers,' a unique predator whose identity is unknown to the victim. Join us on Hook'em & Book'em for questions and answers on this often-used technique by mystery, suspense and thriller novelists.

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Novelist Shawn Grady Interview

Shawn Grady draws from his real-life firefighting/EMT duties to create his second novel, Tomorrow We Die, due out later this month. Join us on Hook'em and Book'em as Shawn gives us the backstory behind this novel and his journey into the publishing world.

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J. Mark Bertrand interview

Back On Murder novelist J. Mark Bertrand interviewed on Hook’em & Book’em about his soon-to-b released murder mystery. Join us as the author tells about murder, suspense and a detective trying hard to get his police career Back On Murder.…


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Hunting Down Terrorist Bombers

Retired FBI agent returns after eighteen months in Iraq as an embedded Law Enforcement Professional. He and his team hunted down terrorist bombers after searching through IED blast sites for clues. Join us as Special Agent Greg Snider tells us about his fight to protect our troops in this first of three articles.

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Terri Blackstock

Novelist Terri Blackstock discusses her latest mystery, Predator, a novel about the dark side of social networking. Terri shares information about her writing journey and her path to bestselling publication. Join us on Hook'em and Book'em.

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Operation Black Widow

Part II of Operation Black Widow posted today. Gang expert George Collord gives us an inside look at a task force investigation of gang leaders inside Nuestra Familia. Posted on Hook'em and Book'em this week.

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John Lescroart Interview

Mystery novelist John Lescroart joins us on Hook'em and Book'em to talk about his latest novel, Treasure Hunt, and his writing journey. This New York Times bestselling author's writing path was not a straight shot to the top.

Mark Young…

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