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Sibling Rivalry and the Edge of a Knife

Klarissa Conner is a rising star as a television newscaster with the #1 station in Chicago—and is also well known as the younger sister of Detective Kristen Conner, the lead character in M.K. Gilroy’s novels, Cuts Like a Knife and Every Breath You Take. First appearing on author B.R. Stateham’s blog (author of the Smitty novellas), here is a fun interview with the only…


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Can a Man Write Realistic Romance Within a Crime Novel? My interview ...

Can A Man Write Romance? (How About Me?)…


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Success of Debut Novel - No Mystery

By AMY STUMPFL For Brentwood Home Page

Local author M.K. Gilroy marked the release of his first novel, Cuts Like a Knife, this spring. But you wouldn’t exactly call him a rookie. In fact,…

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Why Readers READ New Fiction - and Why They DON'T

After 30 years in publishing I wrote my first novel. I worked hard to write and edit it and the reviews for Cuts Like a Knifehave been gratifying. The process has been rewarding, but not just because of the joy of creating something, but also because of significant insights I've acquired on sales and marketing as a new author.

I'm not sure any points below are new to me - and probably not to you - but the importance of each dynamic has been…


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After the Book Goes to Press - What Next?

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I need to reinvent myself

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