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Digital short Saturday Thad Brown The Smoking Gun Sisterhood Chapter One/ Biker Angel

I enjoy finding fun digital short story series and this certainly is one. Thad Brown has some fun with Chapter One and I have previewed Chapter two, he just doesn’t stop. Who is Thad Brown and what does he have in store for us? Check this out and then tell me if you don’t think Biker Angel is worthy of the time and the money for the download:

“From acclaimed author Thad Brown, the first of ten digital short stories from The Smoking Gun Sisterhood: Biker Angel.

  Call me Thad…


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Michael Oher I Beat The Odds

The week is winding down and we are still blazing a hot trail here @ Gelati’s Scoop. We had a fun interview this morning with Laurie Bowler, the vampire/paranormal/romance author of Moon Rising, Across the City and many other novels. Please check our archives for the post we had on those novels. Non-fiction is not something I pick up too often, but when I see something inspirational like this, it just seems to jump into my hand. Have you seen the movie, ”The Blind Side”? Yeah, this is the…


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Laurie Bowler Moon Rising

Got Vampires? Looking for a coven? Laurie Bowler has that and much, much more here in Moon Rising. Before we get to the novel, a piece of business: Laurie will be our guest on our blogtalk show The G-ZONE, on Thursday at 8am EST. You read that correctly, the live time is 8am EST. Laurie lives in England so there is a bit of a time difference. Our breakfast is her late lunch. What is between the covers of this vampire/romance/paranormal novel you ask?   

“Marinette (Nessy) is half…


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CQ Scafidi Time Couriers and a Q&A


Happy Monday to all and thanks for checking in. We have a monster week ahead of us and we are going to start the week off with a bang, the works of CQ Scafidi. Today I am going to do two things: I am going to revisit a post I had popped in back in the day when I first started this blog, and then a Q&A that is certified fresh off the virtual press from this morning. CQ will be our guest today on our blogtalk radio show, The G-ZONE, @ 5pm EST. Check it out, call in; be part of the…


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Digital short Saturday Floyd Buck Periwinkle The Past Really Hurts!

Part two of our posts today involves chapter two from The Breaker Series. Floyd Buck Periwinkle is the author of this series, sorry he has three names. I was considering cutting one out to stay with the theme of two but he might take offense and eliminate me. I would prefer to avoid that. Just a reminder: Tomorrow is Self–Published Sunday, and on Monday we have CQ Scafidi as our guest on The G-Zone blogtalk radio. CQ is the award winning author of Time Couriers and also he has begun the new…


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Digital short Saturday Laurie Bowler Across The City

Hello and welcome to another edition of Digital short Saturday. Today I am going to have two posts and they both deal with stories that are part of a series. I like the series most of all because I enjoy the character development and the wanting more part of it. Business first though today: Laurie Bowler will be our guest on our blogtalk show The G-ZONE on Thursday Feb. 24th at 8am EST. Yes, for those of us that live in the USA I have 8am written there, Breakfast with Laurie. She…


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Alex Berenson The Secret Soldier

Things are getting intense around here at Gelati’s Scoop. We are getting involved in much and have much more to do. Sound vague, yes but I have a few things going and can’t reveal all at this time. Next week I am going to drop in something neat, at least I hope that you like it. Anyway, we got a nice compliment from author Irene Hannon on our blogtalk show the other day. Irene was nice enough to point out that the guest we have had and will be having on the blogtalk show are some pretty…


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Q&A with Thomas White author of Justice Rules

Here is a Q&A Thomas White ,author of Justice Rules, did a little bit ago for a virtual book blog tour he did in late 2010. He will be our guest tomorrow on our Gelati’s Scoop The GZONE blogtalk radio show.

   Justice Rules is his first novel and was nominated as a finalist in the Pacific Northwest Writers Association 2010 Literary contest.

Thank you for this interview, Thomas.  Do you remember writing stories as a child or did the writing bug come later?  Do you remember…


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Trestle Press Spring Submission Writing Contest & Gelati's Scoop


Hey, I am pumped about this. The reason is that I am actually mentioned part of the prize package they, Trestle Press, are offering to winning authors. We, Gelati’s Scoop The GZONE, made the video for this contest and it is on Trestle’s You Tube homepage. Here is the link for it:

Our blog has almost been around for a year and we have…


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Digital short Saturday CQ Scafidi The Commissary


It is back, Digital Short Saturday , and I have a couple of serious new digital shorts to go over with you today. Both are new series, The Commissary by CQ  Scafidi and the next post is on THE NEXUS CHRONICLES /Conception by Skylyr Symkyns. To get some business out of the way CQ Scafidi is the author of Time Couriers, yes, that Time Couriers the novel that won many different awards: Best Eye Catching Cover- the new Covey Awards, and also The Amazon Clicks.Com /Authors Choice March…


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Jason McIntyre Thalo Blue


Looking for something dark that is going to crawl into that brain pan of yours. I wasn’t to be honest with you, but I have read everything Jason McIntyre has written to date and I was not going to let anything stop me from reading this. The novel just came out on Amazon Kindle priced at $2.99, a bargain for what I feel I got of this. Oh yeah, before I forget, Jason will be stepping into The GZONE, the Gelati’s Scoop blogtalk radio show, on Feb 28th at 11amEST. If you…


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