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Help! My Husband & His Friends are talking to many "Literary Liberties" with my Person.

I had to push my husband, Mr.Gelati, away from the laptop for a bit and speak up here. He, and his buddies Vincent Zandri (I always thought you liked me Vince, you seemed so nice), Big Daddy Abel, Thomas White, Benjamin Sobieck and now Thad Brown, some of whom have gone to great lengths to do various things to me in their little stories are up to their antics again.  For those that have yet to read one of these “The Author’s Lab/Collaborations”, they are funny but at whose expense? At times…


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B.R. Stateham The Author's Spotlight

I am planning on running this new segment on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The Author’s Spotlights posts are fun to think about and put together, especially when I have had a chance to actually work closely with the author; that is the case today, so forgive my biased comments. Right off the bat I am going to tell you I enjoy B.R.’s work and have since I pretty much read his first paragraph. The thing about his writing and style though is that it crosses many genres, many styles of taste, and is…


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Jason Baca, Male Model, Q&A


    -What made you decide to do this?

Well way back in 1997 I was a double in a movie called I know what you did last summer. The photographer of the movie approached me and asked if he could take a few photos of me. I realized then that I was photogenic. The photographer kept complimenting me and I figured if a professional like this was saying something good , then I knew I must be something. That's where it all began.

    -How often do you work out?



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Lynette Eason Killer Among Us

It is hard to say anything but good stuff about this novel. I am going to say this again, I have had the pleasure and the honor of saying it a few times this week; I enjoyed interviewing Lynette Eason on my blogtalk show, The G-ZONE,here is the link:

If you tune into the show, you will gain some…


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S.R. Edvalson in The Author's Spotlight


Hey, bear with me on this; it is my first Author’s Spotlight. I am trying to add to the posting week with some interesting new content and I came up with this. I have read a digital short story by S.R. Edvalson called “Anne’s Unknown Guardian”.

Here is the Amazon Kindle link for it:  …


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Roland of The High Crags: Evil Arises B.R. Stateham


Any fantasy freaks out there? Do you love any type of fantasy/paranormal type stuff? Do you get enough epics in your reading week? Can you groove on an alternate universe occupied by monks, magic, dragons and the like? If you have answered yes to any of the above then this novel is for you, download it now, it is just $2.99. If you are someone that just enjoys a well written novel, well don’t hesitate download it for the holiday weekend, great stuff awaits you here. One other…


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Concrete Pearl Vincent Zandri

Hey there and happy Monday to all. I wanted to start the week off with a bang and make some noise early in the week so I am going to post on not one but two of my collaborators. I have been fortunate to work with Vincent Zandri on “Down Low-Dead” ( available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords,  and B.R. Stateham on “Hotel Beaumont” which will be released in a few weeks. The reason I bring that up is that I have the unique distinction of not only jazzing with these…


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What's In A Genre? Chantal Boudreau

What’s in a Genre?

            Search around the Internet and you’ll find the popular opinion in the publishing industry that a writer should choose a genre and stick with it.  If they want to dabble in other genres, they may want to consider a pseudonym.  This is sometimes referred to as “branding” yourself and is particularly championed by agents and large publishing house as a means of establishing a loyal fan base who will avidly follow your…


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Who Whacked The Blogger? Benjamin Sobieck/ Giovanni "The G-Man" Gelati

This friend is way too much fun! I have gotten a chance thus far to be a part of some very serious brain storming, incredible writing, and deadly execution by some really nice, talented authors. The latest release “Who Whacked the Blogger” just made me take a step back and gasp in awe as Benjamin Sobieck just gave birth to a new, intensely funny character that I hope to get to read for a long time: Maynard Soloman. I can’t do justice to the man’s riffs. His prose in this is just amazing,…


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Buried Prey John Sandford

Lucas Davenport just knows how to find his guy and solve a mystery doesn’t he? I really love this novel for so many reasons, let me count the ways. But first, let’s just jump into the synopsis:

“A house demolition provides an unpleasant surprise for Minneapolis-the bodies of two girls, wrapped in plastic. It looks like they've been there a long time. Lucas Davenport knows exactly how long.

In 1985, Davenport was a young cop with a reputation for recklessness, and the girls'…


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The Capta and The Cop Part II Thad Brown

I am amazed each and every time I get to read one of the new installments in The Smoking Gun Sisterhood Series. There are ten installments; we have reached number five and man I do not want it to end. Hopefully Thad Brown will see fit to start something new or to expand the universe of strong female characters he has developed. I make no bones about my love for this man’s writing; he is just sensational. As a side note: I have had the privilege of collaborating with Thad Brown on a Trestle…


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Hey, are you listening to this(okay maybe reading it)?


Hi, for those of you that may not know me yet, I am Giovanni “The G-Man” Gelati. I have a blog, a blogtalk radio show, am a cover art artist, and now I am a collaborator. No I am not a terrorist or doing anything illegal, but collaborating with authors of all different genres to bring fun  and interesting digital short stories to the masses. Besides blatant self-promotion why am I taking up your time to put this out there? Very simply I want to help and I want to get to Know YOU…


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G.S.I. Gelati's Scoop Investigations Psychotic Detectives Thomas White/ Giovanni "The G-Man" Gelati

The stories just keep coming fast and furious. I have been fortunate to be able to tap into a pool of amazing and talented authors that have a true enthusiasm for their craft. These men and women are in my estimation just incredible authors and people. Basically they are taking a blogger, me, and risking a chance of really being embarrassed as I may drag them to my level and consequently produce some really rotten stuff. What has happened though is nothing short of brilliance. Thomas White’s…


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The Proposition:Intangibles Cody Toye

Are you ready to Rumble? Want to read a seriously dark, angry, violent origin story to a new and gripping sci-fi/fantasy digital short story franchise? Do you groove on fire golems and wolves? In the future after reading this are you going to stare at people on the beach to see if they do indeed possess a belly button? How many more questions can I right in a row? Will I ever tell you what this story is about and stop beating around the bush? Can I in fact get to what is between the virtual…


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Dead Man : Heaven in Hell Lee Goldberg

Hey, welcome to Thursday; we are one day removed from TGIF, can’t wait, seriously. I am looking forward to this weekend because I have another new release this week, G.S.I. Gelati’s Scoop Investigations, Psychotic Detectives, another in The Author’s Lab/Collaboration Series with Thomas White, author of Justice Rules. Really fun stuff, his style is just brilliant, but ‘nuff said on that, I will pop in a post on Monday morning for it. Today I am dropping in two posts, the first on this…


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Misery Unleashed Jeffrey Martin

Do you like the cover art for this digital short story? I did it. I am not trying to toot my own horn here it is just that I tried to match the energy, the skill, and the quality of the author. He really stepped up to the plate on this sequel to “House of Misery” and hit a home run. Horror, suspense, and just good old time craftsmanship are in these virtual pages. Check out what is behind the flaming skull’s head on the cover:

“Trestle Press Spring Submission Contest Winner Jeffrey…


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Xavier Leret Guest Post

When I began Heaven Sent, it was a eureka moment, not in the sense that I had cracked something profound like light speed or the secrets to eternal life, I just knew that I had started my first novel. I hadn't set out to start it. It wasn't like when I wrote plays. I would announce that my theatre company was going to tour a play and it would be about this or that, and then I would write it. Heaven Sent didn't begin like that. I just wrote a thousand words. That thousand words were about…


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Leo Maloney Termination Orders Code Name Cobra


This was a great week to read this novel. Leo Maloney and his character Cobra, are very patriotic guys: doing the right thing for the right reasons. The story is emotional, raw and intense. I love a novel that wears its heart on its sleeve, makes for a good read. Let’s get right to the action shall we?

“Leo J. Maloney, former Black Ops contractor, penned this action thriller novel as a quasi-memoir about the dark but arguably necessary side of intelligence that the…


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The 6th Man David Baldacci

What can I say about a novel by a guy whose last name ends in a vowel like mine? What do you think? I wonder does he come from the old country like I do, I mean Trenton, N.J. I really don’t know; I haven’t had the pleasure and privilege of interviewing one of my favorite authors on this planet. I have read and consumed every word that the man has written that I can get my hands on. Here in The 6th Man I thought, hey, he is taking Sean King and Michelle Maxwell, one…


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Alexandrea Weis Guest Post Recovery

The Meaning of Recovery


In writing Recovery, the sequel to my first book To My Senses, I incorporated a great deal of my experiences with the aftermath of Katrina into the novel. It was not a cathartic event but writing this novel did help me to redefine what the concept of recovery meant to me.


     I had lived in Lakeview about a half a mile from the now infamous seventeenth street canal. When we were finally allowed back into…


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