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Brett Battles Sick

I am going to channel my teenage son here: “Sick is just sic, it is off the hook sic, basically it can’t get any sic’r than it is.” Now to understand the teenage mind just a little bit, that means it is good in a good way even though it doesn’t sound that way. For me, being the geezer that I am, I would say that it is just rad, hip and cool, peachy keano, or something along those old man one foot in the grave type things. But seriously folks, I am a big Cleaner fan, the…


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Benjamin Sobieck Cleansing Eden


Have you held a novel in your hand and just after you starting reading it, knew that it was going to kick%$# and take names later? Well for me this is one of those novels. I have to say that this is going to be in my top ten for this quarter and possibly the top ten this year. I kid you not, that is how strongly I feel about this novel. This is one intense effort by the author, Benjamin Sobieck. The other thrill for me on this is that I am currently working with him in The…


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The Jersey Shore Has Eyes Big Daddy Abel/ Giovanni "The G-Man" Gelati

I have to say that this was an interesting project. If you listened in to my blogtalk radio show The G-Zone the last time Big Daddy Abel was on, and you read this digital short, you will see that part of our conversation influenced the ending. That part of our conversation made it into the finished product. Amazingly less than 24 hours after our conversation this digital short story was on its way in cyberspace waiting to be made public for all to consume and enjoy. Thus far, after a few…


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Cleveland W. Gibson Guest Post

"I read Dracula when I was only thirteen and at school. Since those days the paranormal genre has changed, and for the good. The twist and turns and the bringing of two different words together and the sharing of life between humans and vampires has brought good content to this type of story.

In the story by Laurie Bowler I read about the tribulations of a young mother off to carve out a new career and life for herself in Abu Dhabi. Do vampires exist out there ? Is it not sand , sun…


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J. Evan Johnson Guest Post

I am amazed at the amount of people who don’t have dreams. No, I don’t mean I shouldn’t have ate that burrito last night kind of dream. I mean those dreams that keep us going, those dreams that keep us pushing for more each day. I am floored to hear people almost settle for things in their nine to five jobs as if that is all they are. I’m starting to think that society has pressured many of us into thinking of our means of survival as the actual dream, primarily because of how our economic…


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Digital short Saturday Cody Toye Operation Blackout: Dribbles The Squirrel


I love the squirrels on the cover of these stories, great stuff. But for me what is even better is the stuff inside. Cody Toye is a very talented author. He writes in many different genres and covers many different age groups. Right now he has in no particular order: The Toye Box Collection of children’s stories, Zorza the Alien a YA sci-fi series, Dribbles, and a new sci-fi series Intangibles. The last one is not one I would share with the little ones; it is dark and violent. My…


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Digital short Saturday H.R. Toye Debtor's Chip /Frederick

I have a friend and fellow author at Trestle Press, Cleveland W. Gibson, willing to step in and give his two cents on H.R. Toye’s newest release in The Debtor’s Chip series, Frederick. Cleveland is the author of the digital short stories Remains, Only The Best and the soon to released Indian Rope Trick. Personally I think this series is a winner, even though the characters seem like losers. Here is what Cleveland thinks about Frederick:

“The story 'Debtor's Chip'  by HR Toye is an…


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Digital short Saturday U.R. Mine Cheers

Good morning on this fine Saturday. Maybe you think I am tired or not with it, but yes, this is the author’s name and the title: U.R. Mine/Cheers. It rolls off the tongue and is cute. Hopefully we will hear a lot from this author as I enjoyed the story. I want to get right to it so is what is between the virtual covers:

“Author U.R. Mine tugs at you heart and soul with this intense and touching digital short story. Have you been married? Are you married? Are you thinking of getting…


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