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Maynard Soloman Solves The War On Drugs Benjamin Sobieck

What happens when you have a cranky old guy with intestinal issues, an RV, spray paint, Walmart and The ATF? Why you have the first, hopefully of many, adventures of Maynard Soloman. The thing about it is not the hijinks that Maynard gets into, but the prose. It is so rich and amazing that that is what makes it for me. The comedy of the situation, you fruit bat, is just a side bar to the whole thing. I defy you in today’s modern digital short story universe to find something like it, that…


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Lee Pletzers The Armeggeddon Shadow

I am pretty sure that I have title correct with the two g’s and the two d’s. Different title, different novel. I ran into Lee Pletzers over at Book Town, a nice place and a nice community. Go to my blog and press the button for it and join, give it a whirl and have some fun. Back to the novel at hand: threw me a curve amongst all the conspiracy theory, action novels I have been reading of late. This is a sci-fi, paranormal, horror, and few other categories. Just file it under good if you are…


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Laurie Bowler in The Author's Spotlight


When it comes to vampires, Laurie Bowler knows her stuff. She has numerous titles under her name, including: Moonrising, Serena Embracing Darkness, The Across The City Series, Vanquished, The Depths of Darkness to name a few. I am starting to work with her on an Author’s Lab/Collaboration called Fang’s Inc. which will be released in the coming weeks. Laurie has a very distinct style and there is a ton of heart and soul in her novels. I am not trying to be flip…


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Cynthia Vespia Life,Death and Back

This is my first read on a Cynthia Vespia novel. She has a few other titles to her credit: The Crescent, Theater of Pain, Demon Hunter: The Chosen One, and Demon Hunter :Seek and Destroy. I am going to check out her other titles, I am now a fan of her writing since reading Life ,Death and Back. How did I happen to bump into the author: we are both Book Town member’s.  If you are not a member feel free to click on the badge on my blog and join, good…


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Joseph Finder Buried Secrets

I have been having a hard time trying to figure out how to start this post. I enjoyed the novel on so many different levels and for so many different reasons I think I would become boring rather quickly by listing them all. I am also amped over this novel because I get to talk to Joseph Finder June 14th@11amEST on my blogtalk radio show The G-ZONE. Questions for the man, yeah I have a few. The marketing campaign has been fun, innovative and different and the novel was highly…


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Thomas White in The Author's Spotlight

I have gotten to know Thomas White over a period of time; he is a really nice guy with a very sharp wit. If you read any of his writing, you come to realize that very quickly. He has been nice also to give me some pointers on the craft of writing as I have worked with him on “G.S.I. Gelati Scoop Investigations Psychotic Detectives”. His words were pointed but I expected no less; he meant well and they weren’t malicious, just trying to speak the truth, and set a beginner straight. Trust me,…


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Narrative-ly Speaking Chantal Boudreau

Narrative-ly Speaking

By Chantal Boudreau

Choosing what voice you are going to use is an important part of the planning process in fiction writing.  Normally, I hate writing in first person.  I don’t think I’m very good at it, and I don’t think that I necessarily do the narrator proper justice, but sometimes the stories demand it, so I grit my teeth and go.  I have a much easier time approaching a tale as observer.  I’ve heard several…


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Apology neccessary, Robert Venditti, I am sorry!

Robert Venditti was nice enough to come onto the G-ZONE, my blogtalk radio show, on Weds. June 1st. Here is the link:

Now that that is out of the way, why is it I feel the need to apologize? If you listen in on the broadcast you will find out why, but to give you the long and short…


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Joanne Lewis/Amy Faircloth The Author's Spotlight

I have had the pleasure to interview the co-authors of “Wicked Good”  on my blogtalk radio show The G-ZONE once and Joanne Lewis with Dr. Stephen Shore, a noted Autism & Aspergers expert just last Tuesday on the 24th of this month. Here are the links:

May 24th:…


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Bel-Air Dead Stuart Woods


I hope everybody had a nice holiday weekend! They are way too short aren’t they? They start and then, boom, over. Personally I could have used another week or two off. Anyway moving on here, to get back in the swing of things,  I have tried to get a good mix of novels and digital short stories rolling here. Later on today I drop in an Author’s Spotlight on Joann Lewis/Amy Faircloth, the co-authors of “Wicked Good”. Later on in the week, Thursday, I will be featuring…


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