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Julia Madleine "Fear the Night" -Paul D. Brazill's "Drunk on the Moon" series

The game plan for this series is to drop in a new episode once every three weeks. The schedule is tight; the authors are willing and the franchise moves forward full speed ahead. Paul D. Brazill has to be pleased with the many positive reviews he has received and the rankings he has enjoyed: not just here in the U.S.A. but also in the U.K. He has charted for sales in the Top 100 of Amazon for his category on both. My hope one day is to nail this busy guy down so I can pick his brain on my…


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James Reasoner/Lee Goldberg The Dead Man Series #5 The Blood Mesa

I have really taken a liking to this series. The author’s they have chosen thus far have given me an eclectic view of Mr. Dark and our axe wielding hero, Matt Cahill. Being an old-head like I am, the serialization of this series has made it a fun and engaging ride for me. Hopefully I won’t miss an episode; my e-reader will be less than happy with me. We can’t have that. If you haven’t get on board with this do so; sharpen your blade. Evil may be coming to you; hopefully your face will not…


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NEWSFLASH: Barry Eisler will be my guest on my blogtalk radio show, the G-ZONE, on Sept. 15th at 12pm EST to discussion his newest novel, The Detachment. The novel is releasing is being released on the 15th.Here is a bit more on the novel:


Available in ebook on September 15 as an Amazon Kindle exclusive and in paper on October 18 wherever books are sold


Preorder it now!

John Rain is back. And…


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Ereader? Not Me! by Thomas Kaufman

Everywhere I go, I see people reading books on Kindle, on iPads, on Nooks.  And I'm jealous.  I'd like to buy a book reader, but Isaac Asimov won't let me.

Dr Asimov is telling me to forget book readers -- I need to get the most audacious multi-media device in existence. Salivate over this:

"A cassette as ordinarily viewed makes sound and casts light. That is its purpose, of course, but must sound and light intrude on others who are not involved or interested? The…


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Foreword April Pohren for Dueling Microphones


Many light years ago, upon the planet Gelati, a young mother and father tucked their beloved son within a womb-like capsule.  On either side of him rested a microphone and a strange looking gadget that would later be known as a Kindle.  With final kisses upon the cheek and forehead, the mother and father gently and firmly latched the capsule’s door.  With a click, clack and roaring sound, the engine of the capsule was started and launched within space.  Traveling through planets,…


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Maynard Soloman Fixes Social Security and Eats A Pony! Benjamin Sobieck

Getting my fix of Maynard always puts a smile on my face. My wife has really gotten into him too. The dialogue Benjamin Sobieck has come up with for Maynard Soloman is so unique and captivating it is hard not to just like the character but to love him. I have been fortunate to have had the author on my blogtlak show The G-ZONE a number of times now; please go back into the show’s archives to enjoy one of the interviews. I think you will quickly find out where Maynard gets his sense of…


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Michael Wiley A Bad Night's Sleep

The week just keeps building and building as the novels just keep coming fast and furious. Michael Wiley dusts off my buddy Joe Kozmarski, P.I., for another installment of his great series. I had the chance a little bit ago to yap with Mr. Wiley about his latest novel on my blogtalk radio show, The G-ZONE. Here is the link for you:…


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Independence Day 2011- Vincent Zandri –Trestle Press

NEWSFLASH- On July 4,2011 The King Of Mystery/Thriller Kindle, Vincent Zandri, has decided to do a monthly character series  and has signed on with Trestle Press to produce it. The series will begin running this September and will run opposite the new and intense Hard-Boiled Detective/Paranormal/Noir/Horror series by Paul D. Brazill that launches this week, “Drunk on the Moon”.  Mr. Brazill’s series may run on the first of the month, Mr.Zandri’s the fifteenth and Trestle Press will continue…


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Who Is On Deck For “Drunk On The Moon”

Good morning to everyone and I hope that your 4th of July holiday weekend is rolling right along. Today on my Facebook I am putting up videos  from one hit wonders of the 80’s; chime in on your favorite and suggest a few while you are there. I will be doing it all weekend as long as I am not picnicking with the family. Back to business: The new Paul D. Brazill series, “Drunk on the Moon”, is gaining some serious attention among authors. The list…


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Targets Down Bob Hamer

Is this fact or fiction? That is the rub with this. Bob Hamer was an undercover FBI agent for 25 years before he decided to write his awesome suspense filled novels. I have interviewed Bob a few times on The G-ZONE, my blogtalk radio show, and he flat out says that is the part of the fun of the novel. Can we the reader  figure out what he really did and what he made up to weave the fabric of the novel together? I can’t; I am not smart enough and besides if he did any or most of what is in…


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Hello everybody! I got this news yesterday and immediately my blood pressure sky rocketed. Incredible, fun, cutting edge, intense, how more commas can I have in this sentence? Anybody?

Let’s get to it shall we: Paul D. Brazill ,one of the gods of noir/hard-boiled/mystery/horror has begun to not just put together a character but an entire series called “Drunk On The Moon” ! The first installment hits cyberspace next Friday July 8th. Each month a new installment of series…


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