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Agents Of Treachery Edited with an intro by Otto Penzler

Fourteen short stories written by some of the thriller genre’s best authors: Gayle Lynds, Joseph Finder, Lee Child, David Morell, John Weisman….., are contained in this novel. I am not

sure what it took to get this done, but every page is like gold. I have made a

point on this in a previous post about the digital shorts, this is perfect: A

very nice way to get a little fix of one of your authors before they put out

the main…


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Blast From the Past Tim Dorsey Gator A-Go-Go

Serge Storm is as good an offbeat character as they get. How can I categorize Tim Dorsey’s work? It’s action packed, filled with history, incredible narrative, totally humorous, well-constructed, and imaginative in

manner of executions (I mean people), and great covers. I could go on for it

seems hours, days or weeks. I have read all his work and must say I for one

have enjoyed the crazy gonzo ride with Serge and Coleman.



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Digital Short Saturday S.W. Barger Girls Night Out

Every day I go on this world wide web of ours and try to further my limited knowledge of this thing called the digital short; I am constantly amazed. Today I am posting on two different stories, two different

franchises by S.W. Barger that are incredibly fun, good, and quick reads. I

didn’t have to go to the library to pick them out, no delivery person came to

my door with them. And the whole process was interactive to the…


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Digital Short Saturday S.W. Barger Meteor 97

Hey it is that time of the week again? This ride so far has been so much fun. The digital short search so far has amazing. The offerings are many and the choices are difficult to make. I have mentioned this in the

past but I am going to have to say it again; I don’t have a Kindle or Nook yet.

If someone wants to send me one, thanks I appreciate it. So how am I reading

these digital shorts? I have been doing it on my laptop, but I could do it just



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Graphic Novel Friday Batman Under The Cowl

The title of this could have contained a few more words and it really should have read- Which Batman Is Under the Cowl Today? The premise of the graphic novel is that Batman has become injured, breaking his back, he

may never come back but Gotham needs Batman, but which one? Each chapter has a

different person under the cowl. I felt like it was a step back in time and I

was watching Michael Keaton in Multiplicity. Is it the macho Batman or the…


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Zoe Sharp Killer Instinct

Puzzled? Yes I was puzzled when I saw that this novel was available. There are eight, count them eight, novels thus far in the Charlotte “Charlie” Fox series, Killer Instinct being the

first. What took them so long to cross the ocean is anyone’s guess, but I am

glad someone had the sense to bring it over here. Busted Flush Press has been

nice enough to get them into our hands and I for one am very…


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Guest Post Zoe Ferraris Q&A

Zoë Ferraris moved to Saudi Arabia in the aftermath of the first Gulf War to live with her then husband and his extended family of Saudi-Palestinian Bedouins, who had never

welcomed an American into their lives before. She has an MFA from Columbia

University and is the award-winning author of Finding Nouf. Her new novel, City

of Veils, has just been released. She lives in San Francisco. Visit her online



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