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Guest Post Julian Adorney

Being Original

By: Julian Adorney

We’ve all read them. Stories with solid characters and a fast plot and vivid descriptions, but nothing to make them unique. Stories that we finish reading with the vague

sense that we’ve read the exact same story a hundred times before.…


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Guest Post Marvin Lindberg

Ponzied Guest Post

One of the joys in writing fiction is the development of a character that can carry the writer through the entire story. Sometimes that character isn’t

even there at the start of the novel. He

isn’t even there at the original outline of…


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Guest Post Jason McIntyre

A Non-Genre Writer's Look at Suspense by Jason McIntyre

What creates suspense?

Years ago, a film-maker friend of mine told me he wanted to try something radically

different with his next project: he wanted to shoot a story that had absolutely no conflict.

He told me he didn't want to have a…


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Self Published Sunday Marvin Lindberg Ponzied

Sundays are fast becoming one of the biggest viewing days of the week here @ The Scoop. I don’t know if it is all literary agents scouting new talent or just the fact that there are a lot of very good writers out there

and you enjoy discovering them for the first time as much as I do. The writers

are putting themselves out there to the masses hoping that their hard work and

talent get recognized and consumed. I personally get a lot of satisfaction…


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Digital Short Saturday Julian Adorney Deals

Deals by Julian Adorney is a really neat read. It is told in a very short words count, 1730 words, but it packs one heck of a wallope. I didn’t know what to expect when I

received it, but very quickly I felt fortunate to get the read in. Here is a

synopsis of the digital short: “James is determined to provide a comfortable

life for his family, but when his college degree fails to provide the goods he

finds himself making deals he hadn't…


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Digital Short Saturday Andy Frankham Allen One Mistake

Today we are taking it easy and only throwing two digital shorts at you. No explanation for it, just laziness on my part, sorry. I have been getting a lot of messages from readers chatting up the digital short and

their ability to be read in various places to help them get through the day. I

had not thought of many of them so here goes: at the train stop waiting for the

train, on the train, at their desks, in between…


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Ronald Malfi The Ascent

I had to wonder about the title of this, as I began to read it all the action was happening underground in a cave. I quickly got over that and moved on as the action was beginning to kick into high gear. This novel

covers a lot of ground both geographically and emotionally. Here is a synopsis

of the novel so maybe you can better understand what I mean:

“After the death of his wife, successful sculptor Tim Overleigh trades in his…


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Aura Imbarus Out Of the Transylvania Night

To read this novel is to take a ride on an emotional rollercoaster that has many twists and turns. The story chronicles the life and times of Aura and her family as they live in a Communist country. The many hardships they must endure just to

get through a “normal” day, is enough to depress anyone. Shopping for just the

basic essentials as outlined by the leaders would leave one totally devoid of

any hope. The story sets out revealing what Aura’s life is like…


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Anthony Robinson The American Golfer

Golf is not my game. I can putt well, my short game isn’t so bad and I can whack the heck out of the ball off the tee, problem is that it never goes in the same direction twice. Straight is not a description I hear

much about my drives. Anthony Robinson with The American Golfer drives this

novel right up onto the green, a beautiful drive and finish to this passionate

novel that uses golf as a backdrop. There are no bogies in…


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Janet Evanovich Wicked Appetite

I have received a lot of messages and questions about this novel. What do you think of it? How good is it? Does she deliver again? How much is Diesel actually in it? I could go on and on and on. I love it.

Hopefully within the confines of this post I will answer all the questions that

you may have, and then just do yourself a favor and click on the Amazon book cover

here and suck this bad boy up. I laughed my fanny off and then some. I had many

of the…


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Self Published Sunday Jason McIntyre On The Gathering Storm

Hello to everyone and thanks for checking with us on our second Self-Published Sunday. I can only thank my OCD for having different titles for different days of the week. I

struggle still with at least four days of the week, but I think that conundrum

will be solved soon. Anyway, we have featured self-published authors in the

past and since the very beginning of our blog oh those many days and novels

ago. Things have changed and morphed as things do as…


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Digital Short Saturday The Night Walk Men Jason McIntyre

Here is the second digital short of the day, one that will make your mind expand in a total different direction than Bite This!. Before I get into that though, I just would like to offer up some background on this post’s

author Jason McIntyre: Born on the prairies, Jason McIntyre

eventually lived and worked on Vancouver Island where the vibrant characters

and vivid surroundings stayed with him and coalesced into what would become…


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Digital Short Saturday Wade J. McMahan Bite This! A Richard Dick Mystery

The weekends are so much fun here; we are coming at you twice today with digital shorts by Jason McIntyre and the author featured in this post Wade J. McMahan. These stories are polar opposites and it is nice to

feature them both on the same day to exemplify the diversity that awaits you at

Smashwords. I found both authors there, but their works can be found elsewhere

as well. Bite This! Can be found on just about any platform you



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Steve Martini The Rule of Nine

I love Martini’s Paul Madriani novels. Each one was thoroughly enjoyed and I can say I look forward to each new installment with a great deal of anticipation. Martini’s cast of characters also includes Harry

Hinds, Madriani’s law partner and Herman Diggs their investigator. The Rule of Nine picks up where Guardian of Lies ends. If

you remember in the last installment of the series, our group of smart…


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Guest Post Leona Bodie " A Bestseller Before I Die"



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Guest Post John C. Stipa author of No Greater Sacrifice

How do they do it? How do authors make us care?

When you read a book, do you get all of the symbolism or subtle messages the author tries to send you? Or are you happy to just read and let the story wash over you, not really caring about the deeper meaning that

might be flowing through the pages?

I’m not saying one mindset is better than the other. Sometimes, when I’m really…


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Self Published Sunday John C. Stipa No Greater Sacrifice

Welcome to inaugural Self Published Sunday. I am really getting a groove on this. Why, you ask, is this so? My reasons are simple as I am not a very complex being. You will notice today that I am doing something

each time with these posts that I don’t do too often with my other posts that

come from a more “traditionally” published author. That aspect is including

information that they, the author has placed on different areas of the jacket.

My point with…


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Digital Short Saturday Tor Richardson Starting Over

It is that time of the week again as I try to bring you some fun in the digital short world. Stories that are compact, concise and feel like you just held a firecracker in your hand right until it exploded. Today is Tor

Richardson and his 5500 word digital short Starting

I really enjoyed the way he laid this one out. Before we get into it

though, just know that you can support this author and his fun work by clicking

on the cover…


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Grtaphic Novel Friday Chicagoland Detecive Agency: The Brain Drain Caper Trina Robbins

I was really surprised by this when I opened the pages. I knew absolutely nothing about the author, Trina Robbins or this series. What an eye opener! Trina Robbins has been writing for thirty, yes I said thirty years.

Her website is @; it is cute and very informative. She has penned a

variety of graphic novels; just the covers give you a glimpse into…


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Graphic Novel Friday Escape From Terra Big Head Press

Recently I got my hands on some graphic novels from Big Head Press, they like to print “Thoughtful Stories”. What really caught my eye is the diversity and originality of their work. They have a very visual and busy

website, , check it out and

have a nice time. Escape From Terra,

Volume One
is a compilation of the comic strip over two year period of

time. You can view the…


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