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Self -Published Sunday Marti Lawrence River of Possibilities

Do you enjoy reading novels that will take you on a swift moving ride through twists and turns, a novel that doesn’t want to leave your hands, a novel that basically has the pages turn themselves? Okay, this is that novel.

River of Possibilities is a very interesting and unrelenting read. Here is the


” Elizabeth Cunningham watched her parents applaud and smile as she graduated college. Two…


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Digital Short Saturday S.W. Barger Instrument Flight Rules

Happy Saturday to you and yours. You are wondering, didn’t I review some S.W. Barger work in the past? Yes I have, I posted on both of his character’s, Jack Carlyle and Zoe Scarlatti many Saturday’s ago. Please feel

free to reference the archives if you missed them. Instrument Flight Rules is a

Jack Carlyle digital short and the word count on this is 5150 words of fun. The

reason I went back to this character is that I like him very much, he grew on



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Guest Post Leonardo Ramirez Author /Creator of Haven

My First Book and How Quickly Things Change

Guest Post by Leonardo Ramirez, Author/Creator of HAVEN

It’s been 60 days since the release of the graphic novel, “Haven” and while this is by no means meant as a brag or a cliché, I wanted to share some of the changes that have come as a result. I’ve been able to share

the infamous “folder of rejections” that I have at home which I’m saving for…


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Kait Nolan Forsaken by Shadow

I guess I am on a bit of a paranormal lilt this week, at least a little more than usual. I have been digging deep trying to find some real gems for you, some different stuff with excellent content and character. Here

we go Kait Nolan’s Forsaken by Shadow. Here is a synopsis of the action, pay

close attention, because things happen hard and fast throughout this novel: ”Cade

Shepherd is on top of the world as this year's Ultimate Fighting Champion.…


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Stephen Jay Schwartz Beat

I have to say this was a tough one for me. I am giving this 4 out 5 stars for a number of good reasons. The biggest one is that Stephen jay Schwartz knows how to write a taunt thriller. Here is the synopsis of the

novel: ”LAPD robbery-homicide detective Hayden Glass has trouble controlling

his urges. No longer trolling the streets looking for working girls, he has a

new obsession-the internet. Infatuated with a woman he finds on a website,

Hayden Glass’s…


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Sharon Gillenwater Emily's Chance

Too much of a good thing is too much of a good thing, so having said that on occasion I go off the reservation and try to diversify my reading material. Emily’s Chance is one of those breaks. This is not a tale of

international intrigue or Emily saving the world from terrorists. She’s a different

character for me, and I enjoyed it. A nice shifting of the gears , a breath of

fresh air if you will. Okay I think you got the point, here is a synopsis of



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Avi Steinberg Running the Books

This novel opened my eyes a little wider. Avi Steinberg has given us a narrative from the other side of life, willingly, the tale of a librarian in a prison. He meets all types of people, both male and female, and

their worlds collide. I am just going to give you a little taste of what is

said on the back cover: ”Running The Books is a trenchant personal exploration

of prison culture and an entertaining tale of one young man’s…


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Stephen J. Cannell The Prostitutes Ball

I think most of us can envision many different things when we see a title such as this. This is a Shane Scully novel, and I am of the mind that it is one of the best, if not the best one of the series. Yes, I have read

them all. Maybe my memory of past novels is a bit clouded, but the narrative on

this one is so incredible that I haven’t had this much fun with an installment

of the character in a long time. Cannell puts us square into his world and



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New Novel Releases for the week Oct. 26th to Nov. 2nd

Another week, another slew of novels coming out. I have added something different this week to the list, Smashword’s Bestsellers; they appear at the bottom of the list. Enjoy!!!

· Stephanie Laurens/The Reckless Bride…


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Guest Post Jessica Dee Rohm author of Sugar Tower

The “Indie” Author – Playing Against a Stacked Deck?

Imagine hundreds of thousands of cars lined up at the border, any border, Canada, Mexico…drivers desperate to get in. A thousand border police, glancing at the drivers’ IDs, reacting to a few words, maybe a phrase or two, judging how the

drivers’ cars look, listening for a special voice… guessing at who will succeed

and who won’t in the utopia on the other side of the border. Once…


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Self -Published Sunday Mark Bouton How to Spot Lies Like The FBI

I really don’t read non –fiction too much, this though book I thought I needed to give a shot. I am really a poor poker player and at the very least I felt this could elevate my game so that I wouldn’t lose as many

pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. My buddies better look out now, not to

mention my youngest daughter when we play go fish. But seriously, this is a serious,

fact filled book that has many excellent tips that can help anyone.…


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Self-Published Sunday Tony Bertot The Birth of an Assassin

Hits, Hits, Hits. We are picking up a lot these on Sunday now and I wonder why. Is it that readers are looking for good novels to read? Possibly it is the snazzy title I came up with? It is catchy. I learned

something new this week in the fact that one of my favorite authors, Vince

Flynn, he of the Mitch Rapp series of novels , self–published himself back in

the day after getting 60 rejection letters. That means that there are…


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Digital Short Saturday John McFetridge East Coast

I guess I was in the mood for police dramas this week with the digital shorts. East Coast is 8720 words of police action and family drama. I am going to go right to the

author’s synopsis on this one: ”EAST COAST is THE WIRE in a rural setting as

RCMP Sgt. Jerry Northup works to keep his narcotics squad motivated in the

seemingly unwinnable war on drugs while raising three kids with his wife,

Isobel.” I have not seen the…


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Digital Short Saturday Matt Williams Death's Memory

This has been a power packed week @ The Scoop and the digital shorts once again helped me shift gears a few times. I really enjoy the short little burst of fun and way they change the momentum of the day. I think

you get the fact I like to read; the weight of full length novels gets to be a

pull and drags on occasion. I really enjoy picking through the pile and

choosing a few of these to lighten the mood. I can see how someone can read

these at the bus…


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Lynette Eason Don't Look Back

Don’t Look Back is my first read with this author. The novel is the second book of the Women of Justice series. Is it Chick Lit totally? I think not. Here is the synopsis from

the back cover: “Twelve years ago, forensic anthropologist Jamie Cash survived

a brutal kidnapping. After years of therapy, she has made a life for herself-

though one that is haunted by memories of her terrifying past. She finally lets

herself believe that she can…


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Graphic Novel Friday The Philistine Michael Mongillo

There is so much in here I don’t where to start. I enjoyed the read, it has a simple message and it delivers it in such a tongue in cheek method. Let’s just say it is a bit over the top. Here is the background on Nick

Bottom who is the Philistine: Nick Bottom, scrappy orphan becomes gifted Ivy

Leaguer. Idealistic government agent becomes hard-nosed vigilante. City hero

becomes one of America’s ten most wanted. And who’s there to catch the man who



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Graphic Novel Friday Stephen King's Fall of Gilead

The saga continues and so does my enjoyment of them. The story has serious undertones and overtones, let’s just say for a graphic novel the plotline makes you think a little more than the average good guy /bad guy

thing. Roland, the youngest gunslinger, continues to be tested as he tries to

navigate through Mid-World to reach the fulcrum of existence –The Dark Tower. I

am going to put the rest of the post into the hands of Mr. Ralph Macchio, and

give you…


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Robert Parker Painted Ladies

Many different emotions went through my mind even before I opened this novel up. I have read all of the novels Parker has written, and to be honest I can’t really say which of his characters I enjoy the most. The odds

on favorite for most would be Spenser, but I have to say I enjoy Jesse Stone

and Virgil Cole as well. I guess though, a Spenser novel is fitting for the end

of the run; it is what started it all, the alpha and now the omega.…


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Mark Rayner Marvellous Hairy

Check it out, a novel that makes one question many things in our society today and uses the vehicle of comedy and the bizarre to get us there. Laugh while we think, I enjoy that. Yes, it is time to release the monkeys. Marvellous Hairy is a sincere novel

that is totally different than anything I have read in a while. It is a

seriously disjointed narrative wrapped around a wonderful array of colorful

characters that takes the reader on a…


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Guest Post Bob Hamer

This is no political commentary, just a semi-biased first person account of a case most of the media missed earlier this month…Operation Smoking Dragon. The good guys got it right

and no one seemed to care.

Much of my twenty-six year FBI career was spent in various undercover roles. I often joke I never had a mid-life crisis I just became a different UC persona…contract killer, fence, drug dealer,…


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