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Ninety nine cents, what the heck am I getting?

For ninety-nine cents, what the heck am I getting? In most cases a lot! Think about this moment and follow with me. When you went to the supermarket last time what did that buck grab you? A pack of gum, no, a 20 oz. carbonated beverage, again no, toilet paper, one roll and a little change maybe, a loaf of bread, again no. Enough of that? Good. Now picture an author hard at work on a story. How long do you think they labor over a digital short story? Minutes, an hour, more? I go with the more…


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McDroll to release “Kick It” with Trestle Press

McDroll will be releasing flash fiction with Trestle Press. The title chosen for the series is “Kick It”. Here is what you can expect to find, this will be released Thursday, Nov. 27,2011:

“Kick It is a collection of five short stories. Three of the stories feature Gemma Dixon, a young CID officer starting at the very bottom of the career ladder, thrust into a world of violence and hardened criminals. Her colleagues may disregard her abilities but Gemma is made of strong stuff and…


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Tuesday , The G-ZONE, 4 authors, it is a Noir/Hard-Boiled author panel at 4pm EST

Today is going to be fun, but then again every day this week is going to be fun.  Yesterday was a blast, I had 4 authors on: Bob Hamer, Benjamin Sobieck, Lisa Taylor and Michael Tabman. It was an action/thriller panel. Great stuff and I learned a ton from the authors.Go back into the archives and listen in. Here is the link for all the shows, this is the ,main one:

Now today I…


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Sprinting To Marathon Nigel Bird Guest Post

Writing and athletics. Not things I usually link together.

I was thinking about the different skills used in longer and shorter events - the marathon and the sprint, the novel and the short story.

There aren't many sprinters out there who can turn in a good marathon time and there aren't too many middle-distance runners challenging the 100m world record. They have different muscle strengths and skill sets which mean that it doesn't work to spread the net too…


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Monday’s Guests on The G-ZONE for our Action/Thriller panel, 4pm EST


My friends it is going to be a busy week on The G-ZONE. Each day I will have a post listing the guests and their bio’s. Here are the four guests I am honored to and lucky enough to have on, in no particular order:


Bob Hamer retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation after 26 years as a Special Agent. He worked organized crime, gangs, terrorism, and child exploitation.  Much of his career was…


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HEY, CHECK THIS OUT! We are having a massive week at THE G-ZONE including:

 5 themed author panels with 4 guests each

 7 days straight days with the show

On Sunday, a guest that has sold over 6 million books (Davis Bunn) paired up with Nigel Bird, an author with an incredible writing reputation.

Thursday, David Hoof, a multi-award winning author.

Friday, Karen Anna Vogel, an author that currently has not one, not two, but three stories ranked in the Top 10…


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Frank Duffy to release “Between These Pages, These Places” with Trestle Press!

Here is what you can expect from this soon to be released work:

“Between These Pages, These Places”.

These are stories which live between the pages. These stories are places. These stories are people. These are only some of those stories.

The Silver Screens Of Her Mind – an old cinema shows a revival of old horror films which have a…


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Michael Tabman new series with Trestle Press “Bad Intent”

I was really pumped to hear that an author with Michael Tabman’s background has signed with Trestle Press to do an incredible series wrapped around the world of FBI undercover work. The work is so real and authentic that before it can even be edited, it must first be vetted by the FBI itself to be sure that nothing of a secret or sensitive nature be released. As a reader that has me amped up. I am looking forward to listening to what he, Michael Tabman, has to say as he is part of the first…


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Paul D. Brazill’s “Drunk on The Moon” series volume 5 with Richard Godwin “Getting High on Daisy”

Digital short stories , yeah , I love them. They are cool, quick and fulfilling. This series, “Drunk on The Moon”, has been done with plenty of plucky zest, verve, and style right from the first one by the creator, Paul D. Brazill through this installment done by Richard Godwin. “Getting High on Daisy” definitely has struck a different chord from the rest of the installments, shakes it up in ways that show the Godwin flare, and a bit of his mystique, but all in all, this series has not had a…


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Col Bury starts new series with Trestle Press/Dark Pages Press

Manchester 6 focuses on the best and worst of human nature, personified in the gritty urban setting of Manchester, UK, and featuring a plethora of no-nonsense characters you’d ordinarily want to avoid.  The six stories highlight generally decent folk who become embroiled with the lower echelons of society, aka scumbags.  Whether it’s the paranoid, spliff-sucking writer who has a falling-out online, or an ex-soldier hunting a notorious gang, there’s conflict galore.  A…


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What I look for in an author

I get asked a lot of questions. One of the them is, ”What do I look for in an author?” I mean really as a reader, what are the things that draw you to pick up an author’s material and become a fan, stand by them time after time, and just proclaim your loyalty for eternity? Here are some of my thoughts, the yardstick by which I measure the authors, size them up, and just say hit me, I can’t wait till I get that read of yours in my hand:

-A really cool name, something that just sticks…


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Trestle Press is pleased to announce the birth of a new Imprint under its umbrella, “DARK PAGES PRESS”!  DARK PAGES PRESS will be housing all of the Trestle Press Noir/Hard-Boiled titles.

Authors such as Paul D. Brazill, B.R. Stateham, Jochem Vandersteen, Darren Sant , Benjamin Sobieck, Nigel Bird, Thad Brown, Julia Madeleine, Heath Lowrance, Michael Tabman, Lawrence…


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Heath Lowrance "That Damned Coyote Hill"

When was the last time you read a kicka$% western? I mean seriously, one that just grabbed you by the collar and smacked you in the face? This is just such a story. I have become a fan of Heath Lowrance very quickly after reading this digital short story. The character he has created is incredible and hopefully this series will continue. Very few authors have his ability to craft such rich content, stylish prose, and evoke such intense emotions in a reader.

Whatever category or genre…


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The G-ZONE guest schedule for this week October 17th

Things are heating up here at The G-ZONE and we have a great line-up of guests coming at you this week. Without further ado, here you go:

Monday ,October 17th 12.30pm EST –Harry Shannon

Tuesday ,Oct.18th 4pm EST Les Edgerton

Weds. Oct. 19th 5pm EST Andrew Smith

Thursday Oct. 20th 4pm EST – Raymond Doyen/A.J. Scudiere

Friday Oct 21st 5Pm EST- Alexandrea Weis and Friends. We may have some surprise…


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Nigel Bird "Smoke"


I have come to really enjoy the British fiction I have been finding lately. It goes deeper than just my love for Monty Python; it is the way the authors write about life, the manner in which they embrace the struggles, the toughness they exude, and the rawness of their emotions. I find that missing in much of what I read that is produced here in the good old US of A. I know it is there also but the style seems to be, to just gloss over it. The writing I have found of some of Bird’s…


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Luca Veste "Liverpool 5"

I have to say that when I got this read it in its entirety it really flowed. My exposure to fiction of this type has been minimal. I had thought I had it all covered: digital short stories, novellas ,full length novels, but I had not read anything like “flash fiction” or stories under 2000 words that were complete stories. They are very interesting, breaths of fresh air. I enjoy the quick blast, and when a bunch of them are strung together with a common thread like Liverpool, well then it…


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Virality , Yeah I need some of that stuff

I want to go viral. No, there is nothing wrong with me; several things have recently occurred to prompt this urge in me. The main reason is I think that Paul D. Brazill and B.R. Stateham have an awesome idea and I am hoping that word of it reaches its intended targets; in order for that to happen we need some help, a lot of virality.

To recap, Paul and B.R. were asked what exactly is noir and hard –boiled?I mean I get different answers from different people. Is it a matter of…


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International Casting Call for Noir/Hard –Boiled Authors for a new Anthology Series to be produced by Trestle Press

Yesterday, October 10,2011, I had Paul D. Brazill as my scheduled guest on the G-Zone, my Blogtalk Radio Show. B.R. Stateham was nice enough to help me co-host; it was really fun. In the midst of the interview these two great noir/hard-boiled authors came up with an idea: Why not produce a new Anthology series gathering the best noir/hard-boiled authors the world over? Is noir the same in Levittown,Pa. as it is in Moscow? Hard-boiled fiction, do they tell the same story in Liverpool as they…


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Alexandrea Weis "The Keeper of The Dead"

There are times when I get to read something that as a reader I have a level of expectation based on the author, their reputation, and their past work. All of these have planted a seed in my brain pan of what is to come, at least I hope. Let’s face it, no one is perfect; some authors miss the mark, maybe they are taking a risk, stretching themselves, blah ,blah, blah.

My point in this is: I have read everything I can find by this author; she has consistently exceeded my expectations,…


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The G-ZONE This Week: Paul D. Brazill, Big Daddy Abel, B.R. Stateham, The Mayor of Book Town……

Hello and I hope that everybody is having as awesome Monday!! To get the week off on a good foot I am lucky to have Paul D. Brazill as my guest , the start time is at 4pm EST. To say I am AMPED is an understatement. Paul is a huge name in the noir/crime fiction/horror/ hard –boiled fiction genres and it is a pleasure and an honor to have him as guest. Tune in for the fun, call in and ask him a few questions, email me a question for him, whatever you need to do to be a part of the…


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