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Why I chose the characters and setting for "Color Me Dead"

Some friends of mine, after reading Color Me Dead asked me why, after chosing DC as a setting for the story, I didn't focus on political intrigue or espionage as do many authors who set their stories in the nation's capitol. Well, I've read many of those stories, and while they're great tales, I have always felt that the average Joes who inhabit DC get left out. The common people who make up 90% of the city are no more than background or walk-ons in most stories. Consider this, though:… Continue

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New DC mystery novel published as e-book

I just recently published my first full length work of fiction as an e-book. Color Me Dead is about a DC-based private detective, Al Pennyback, who gets caught up in a major criminal conspiracy in the course of investigating the shooting death of a Washington teen. Al, a retired army officer, is something of a loner, and not your average detective - he does not, for instance, carry a weapon. Unlike many stories with DC as a setting, there are no political conspiracies here, just a look… Continue

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