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The Dance of Joy

"Are you sure you want everything?"

"Yes. Everything."

"Anchovies? Jalepenas? Garlic?"

"Well, my husband and I don't like pepperoni very much. You can leave it off."

Winners Pizza in Thousand Oaks is being run by real Italians now and there is nothing else on earth like their deluxe pizza, which has every topping on it that the restaurant puts on pizza. Yep. About fouteen different tastes including fresh tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and even eggplant. I could…


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How Many Times to Write It Right?

I just noticed that the blogs turn up on the main page right after having been written. While that surprised me, it is a wonderful thing, unless you are a constant re-writer such as myself. Following my nature, I changed a couple of words in my Dec. 31st blog, and it popped out of order. Chagrinned, I examined my last blog, Bookshine, changed the tense on the verbs in the first paragraph, and voila! Back in order. Also back on the front page. Since that isn't exactly fair, here is a new blog…


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Rain and Bookshine

It's raining here in Southern California. Heavy rain here is even more destructive, and welcome, than snow is in Atlanta. When light rain begins it creates an oily surface on the streets that can spin a car out of its lane just as catastrophically as ice or snow does in the world of my former life. Rain in Georgia, even heavy rain, may flood the local river but it doesn't bring the hill sliding down on top of you as happens in the recently…


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The End of 2007

It's already New Year's Eve in Australia, so I guess it is legal on this site to start tolling the bell. This year has rocketed by, making the previous 57 look like days on the beach, and hopefully 2008 will be even more eventful, although I really don't see how. Jan, 2007, I signed a contract for my first book. April, 2007, said book was published by a substandard small press, poorly and with almost nonexistent distribution BUT I sold the book in the Sisters in Crime Booth at the Los…


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