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The Seeing Eye Dog

"Hi! This is Mari. Are my glasses in yet?" Hopefully, I queried Kaiser a third day in a row. When I ordered my glasses I was told "Seven to ten working days." I made my first call at working day six, hoping, against hope, that they might have come in early. On day eight I was told that it would probably be Friday...the tenth day, and THEY would call me. On day nine the receptionist told me "Calling won't get you your glasses ANY faster."

"Yes, it will." I insisted. "If I call you… Continue

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Usually I can see trouble coming....

The optomitrist had me squint into the machine, peering at letters with my right eye.

"Better or worse?" You know the drill. Soon he had it figured as to how to correct my glasses to give me the best possible view on the world from that angle and had me line up what I thought was my "good" eye for testing. Why did I think this was my good eye? Well, true, I couldn't see anything but a blur out of the eye when I was wearing my glasses but it seemed that I saw better out of that eye…


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Infiltration and Brazil!

The plan was a good one. I would join the Book Club and sneak in quietly, becoming inconspicuously a part of the scenery. Once people knew me, they would read BEAUFORT FALLS and love it for what it is, a funny, satirical look at another part of the country that has a serious message lightly sprinkled in. The store in question is a tiny one but one that attracts the very best talented and new authors from all over the country, or the world, for that matter,and their bookshelves hold books by…


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