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DEAD COLD: Not for those with weak hearts or nervous dispositions #Review #NewRelease

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5 Star Review– DEAD COLD

Reviewed by Darryl Greer for Readers’ Favorite


Jennifer Chase’s…


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Modern Forensics Solves the Murder: 3 Recently Cracked Cold Cases


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Cold murder cases are a tough pill to swallow for law enforcement, the public and most importantly, the families of the victims.  But, as forensic science continues to advance, seemingly unsolvable open cases are now being cracked.

With the solving of these cases, families finally receive…


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The Fascinating World of Forensic Science: 5 Surprising Facts


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9 Key Steps for a Successful Crime Scene Investigation


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To perform a successful crime scene investigation, there are a myriad of individual procedures used by investigators. And, of course, different crimes call for specific methods. Despite, however, the various tactics and…


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6 Groundbreaking Moments in Criminal Justice

Throughout history, the criminal justice system—both domestic and abroad—has been consistently challenged to develop innovations to combat the growing threats that confront society. Here are six historical moments that forever changed how law and order is preserved.


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The First Murder Solved by Utilizing Fingerprints (1892)

The world’s first fingerprint classification…


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Modern DNA Profiling: Two Infamous Cold Cases Solved


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Once the horrific act of murder has been committed, there is generally a relatively short window of time for law enforcement to solve the mystery. As time passes, the chance of a solving a murder case dwindles significantly.

And, the reason is simple—witnesses’ memories fade, valuable evidence begins to vanish or disintegrate, and police resources are reallocated. These seemingly forgotten…


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FBI Profiling: Inside the Minds of Violent Criminals


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Throughout history, law enforcement has developed many tools to combat, and protect us against, the dangerous criminals who unfortunately live among us. Over the past 50 or so years, one such highly effective tool that has gained significant traction and attention is “behavioral profiling.”

No other law enforcement agency has dedicated more time and resources to perfecting behavioral…


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Vigilante Detective Emily Stone in DARK PURSUIT #FREE #Amazon



International award-winning DARK PURSUIT will be FREE Wednesday (6/8), Thursday (6/9), and Friday (6/10) on Amazon Worldwide.

No need to worry or feel like you need to read book #1 first because ALL of the EMILY STONE THRILLERS are Stand-Alone Books.




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GUEST POST: Understanding Mitochondrial DNA with D.P. Lyle


I’m absolutely delighted to have D.P. Lyle on my blog today! He’s an amazing writer, doctor, and forensic expert. I had the honor and opportunity to serve with him on a panel at Bouchercon 2014 to talk about forensics and the real CSI. I highly recommend that any writer, or anyone for that matter, who wants to incorporate anything about crime scene investigation and forensics into their stories to check out: Forensics for Dummies 2nd…


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Getting Away with Murder: 4 Infamous Cases


With murder, comes the inevitable feeling of tragedy and outrage. But, sometimes, the tragedy of the actual heinous act is overshadowed by the outrage of a great injustice. That is, when a murderer is not held accountable for their actions, and is set free to wreak havoc once again.

How does a murderer escape the…


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KILLER ON THE LOOSE: Chapter 4 Emily Stone #Free #Thriller



Chapter 4 – Emily Stone

Emily’s strength dwindled from her arms as her legs weakened. Her ears buzzed with a strange hypnotic sensation. Shock and disbelief took hold of her. After realizing she held…


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American Violence: An Endless Epidemic

Deep within the streets of the urban American landscape, there exists a harsh reality – it is more perilous to be caught without your gun than to be caught with your gun. Simply put, the streets instill more fear than law enforcement ever…


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Evil Incarnate: Psychopaths Among Us


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If you thought everyday life – like eating right, paying your bills, and not getting fired – wasn’t stressful enough. Here’s something else to chew on. It is estimated that psychopaths…


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To Lie or Not To Lie

liedetector Years ago I had an interview with a police department for a forensic position.  I had already been fingerprinted, interviewed by the supervisor, had an in-depth background meeting with the background investigators trying to catch me in a lie from my thirty plus page application of my background, and the investigator even visited my home.  I still wasn’t done with the interview process yet! …


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The New Face of Crime


“Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.”   ~ Walt Whitman

The ability of law enforcement to maintain order has always depended on its capacity to outmatch the technological advancements of society’s underbelly. From the early days of systematic photography,…


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New Book Release: DARK PURSUIT, An Emily Stone Thriller


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THRILLER SERIES REVEAL: Emily Stone Live-Action Film Short




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Former Homicide Detective Shares How He Got Criminals to Talk

Law and Order: SVU

Law and Order: SVU

It is always exciting to come upon an article about someone whose career offers me insight and inspiration as I constantly strive to learn more about criminal psychology and use that knowledge…


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Alaska Rallies to Raise Awareness of Sexual Assaults in the State

Photo Courtesy: Office of the Governor of Alaska

Something that has been important for me to advocate through the development of…


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Are We Soon Going to See Robocop for Real?


Robo If you are familiar with any of my…


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