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our love affair is a wonderous thing.

Lee Child returns to Jack Reacher's time while a member of the military to tell this story.


Reacher is a major in the military police and assigned to observe a murder investigation outside of a U.S. Ranger base in rural Mississippi.


He meets the sheriff, Elizabeth Devereaux. She tells him she's investigating the death of that woman but also two…


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The Shadow Knows

Kabul CIA station is a mess, a man thought to be a recruit to spy on the Arabs, double crosses the Americans. He  sets off a suicide bomb killing many CIA officers. There is also evidence of American soldiers dealing drugs with the Taliban and there is question of a mole inside the CIA.


John Wells, CIA problem solver is asked to travel to Kabul to get…


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If you face the sunshine, the shadows will always be behind you.

In the near future, cloning is legal. Dr. Davis Moore is a fertility doctor specializing in reproductive cloning.

When his daughter AK is raped and murdered the police investigation stalls. Moore picks up his daughter's belongings from the police and gets a DNA sample. He uses it to clone a child that will grow up to be the replica of his father.


Mickey the Gerund is a religious fanatic who feels he's on God's mission to destroy fertility clinics and kill the…


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"If I ever needed you, I need you now." Song lyrics

This novel is influenced by the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme. In this case, Abe Cushman, a former chairman of the NASDAQ Stock Exchange, commits suicide when his Ponzi scheme is unvelied. He takes all of his secrets to the grave.

Patrick Lloyd, a young Wall St. advisor to one of the largest Swiss banks is called to the corporate office and ordered to find Lilly Scanlon and the money she manipulated from the bank when she was a corporate officer - this was in relation to the Cushman…


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If his pistol missfires, he hits you with the but end.

Jack Reilly is a ex-cop who is trying to make a living as a P.I.

He's hired by a friend of his brother, Marty, who is in prison.

The man who hires Jack is gunned down shortly thereafter and Jack wants to know why.

As he begins his investigation, we cannot help but remember another Boston, P.I., Robert Parker's wonderful character, Spencer. The author…


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'Tilt your head back and laugh at the sky." Buddah

Danny Boyle is a 24 year old, part-time police officer at the Sea Haven PD. He enjoys hanging out on the beach with his friends and doesn't carry a weapon. He narrates this bizzare story.


John Ceepak is a former MP who served in Iraq. He and Danny are having coffee when a young girl screams that her father has been shot. The event occurred at the Tilt-A-Whirl ride at an amusement park in Sea Haven, New Jersey.


Ceepak only took the job for the summer and being…


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Splattered Blood

Happy to announce that my debut novel, "Splattered Blood' has its release date of tomorrow, Jan4th.

Please check this mystery out.


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Don't drop this

Good ole Harry Bosch is getting close to retiring, hope he has a good retirment plan.
He takes on a couple of cases, one about DNA and the other with political ties.
He does a good job of investigation and juggling the both cases while spending time with his fifteen-year-old daughter who shows signs she wants to go into buz with dad.

Enjoyable and some nice plot twist.

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"Welcome to my world"

Pat Nolan is summoned to Paris to claim his estranged daughter's body.

When he sees the body, it's not his daughter, Megan. He realizes that she has staged her death and must be in trouble and need him.


Catherine Laurence is a police detective in Paris. She's told that Saudi government officials are looking for Megan for suspected terrorist activity. They are suspicious when Pat has his daughter's body cremated. They want Catherine to befriend him and learn…


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