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Life seems longer when men are innocent

Vanessa Michael Munroe is an assassin who has nightmares about her past.  He understands her killing capability and when her best friend, Logan, asks for help, she can't refuse.


Logan explains that eight years ago, his friend, Charity's daughter, Hannah, was abducted from her school and carried over the border to Mexico to a religious cult known as The…


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"The most wonderful time of the year."

In the Dickeyville, Maryland area, five young friends meet and bond. They consider themselves like the five arms of a starfish. They are, Gwen, the Halloran brothers, Tim, Sean and Go Go, and the other girl, Mickey Wyckoff.


Their middle class area didn't require a lot of parental supervision on the children's playtime activities.


The novel moves between actions in the late 1970s and today.

In the current time, Gwen returned to care for her father who…


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Mike Draper's novel

In "Splattered Blood" a woman's husband was in charge of security for a basketball team in New England.

A number of injuries and deaths occur to the main players and when he checks it out, he's killed and made to look like suicide.

His widow calls her financial advisor stating that she knows he wouldn't do that and deprive the family of the $500,000 of life insurance which wouldn't be paid if suicide.

When he looks into it, he gets proof that it was murder.



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"lots of people are dead and they're just not clever enough to fall over and decompose." Mary Burns

A Blue Line train in Chicago goes faster than it should. The vibrations from its passing causes a light bulb to fall and shatter. Soon, people become sick and die.


P.I. Michael Kelly is asked to provide security when it is determined that there could be a threat of a biological weapon on the Chicago railway system.


As more and more people die,…


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'Lots of people are dead and they're just not clever enough to decompose." Mayr Burns

A biological pathogen is set loose on the Chicago railway system.

P.I. Michael Kelly is brought in to help with security.


People begin to die and Homeland Security quarantines a part of Chicago. This enables  some criminals to have the opportunity to rid themselves of rivals. Looting and burning of buildings begins.


Dr. Ellen Brazile…


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Talking without thinking is like shooting without taking aim. Proverb

The action begins in the Four Corners section of Chicago, a place that is gang dominated. Two brothers, Bobby and Ruben Vargas join the Chicago PD.


Coleen Brennan was Bobby's childhood girlfriend but was murdered when she was age thirteen. Now "The Chicago Herald" is about to run an expose stating that Bobby and Rubin were the two boys who murdered…


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I took a trip on a sailing ship and when I reached Jamaica, I made a stop. Song lyrics

Eric is an American who owns a bar and damaged hotel in Jamaica. A hurricane damaged his hotel and the water surge separated the land where the hotel is, from the mainland.


One day, Shad, Eric's bartender and right hand man, sees what he thinks is a goat on Eric's island. It turns out to be a girl and Eric rows out to see what she's doing.  The woman, Simone,…


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