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I took a trip on a sailing ship and when I reached Jamaica, I made a stop. Song lyrics

Eric is an American who owns a bar and damaged hotel in Jamaica. A hurricane damaged his hotel and the water surge separated the land where the hotel is, from the mainland.


One day, Shad, Eric's bartender and right hand man, sees what he thinks is a goat on Eric's island. It turns out to be a girl and Eric rows out to see what she's doing.  The woman, Simone,…


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"Dawn, stay away, I'm no good for you." song lyrics

The story opens as a man comes downstaris and gets his morning paper. He's shocked at the headline stating that he and his wife are dead.


After attending a social event the prior night, the man, District Attorney, Jack Keeler and his wife, FBI agent, Mia, are heading home when they're stopped on a bridge. They are ordered from their car and when Jack resists,…


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"There are no winners, only survivors" Frank Gifford

In John Wesley, Rawles survivalist novel, "Survivors," the author is asking who will be prepared to survive after the stock market takes a complete crash, inflation skyrockets and paper money becomes useless.


After these events occur, rioting and looting begin and only those who have prepared are able to survive. The infrastructure of society is disolved, gas…


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Books are the ever burning lamps of accumulated wisdom

John Connolly eligantly describes life in a small town in Maine and how it changes when a teenage girl goes missing.


Randall Haight lives in the town and served eighteen years for murdering a girl when he was age fourteen. He was given a new identity after his release from prison and now is getting pictures showing the barn door where the murder he was involved…


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