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Whats in a name?

I have great friends, loyal supportive and very smart. Why else would they be friends with me? We’ve been through men, (thankfully not the same ones), divorces, childbirth, first loves and last kisses.

In all the years I’ve known them, twenty plus for some, I rarely mentioned my writing. If I did, it was only as an offhand remark and I usually mumbled about working on “something’.

Remarkably they formed the opinion from such minimal information that I could actually write… Continue

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Mommy, I Don't Want to be a Writer Today

Writers are masochinistic. It’s a fact. We have picked, hopefully through love and passion, a lonely job that means long hours banging our heads against keyboards and computers in order to finish a scene, get an idea, come up with an ending. We miss important events, parties, even bathroom breaks if necessary. We might work for years and never get the recognition we crave. Let alone get published. Still, if the love is there, you plug on ahead and hope fervently that this will all pay… Continue

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