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The Billingtons

Weh-hey it's all getting exciting! Too busy to add more - how's that for mystery writing?

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Well it's been an interesting week. I came to the end of a chapter on the Billingtons and realised it is in fact the end of a section and now I'm going into the next part of the book. I've also spent a day and a bit working on synopses for entering the Debut Dagger. I'll finish that today and then get back to the Billingtons. Going out to a murder mystery night tomorrow, concerned that I'm getting a one track mind...

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Back to the Billingtons

Yesterday vanished, swallowed up by writing a synopsis and taking some photographs. It's all progress I guess. Today I've drunk tea and eaten chocolate, both signs of a promising word count. I'm writing up the Hudson case still. That needs to be complete by the end of the sfternoon so here goes...

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