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Fighter's Journal of Love (Whats it about)

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Among Family Tree's

Among Family Tree’s

A soldier’s heart yearns
For the romance and love
Of another’s wife

A spider’s web of love affairs
Hangs in the balance of
Wanting forgiveness

The shade of an old oak tree
Grows larger,
Foreshadowing that of danger

Anger brings on
The hunger of
Death fire and brimstone

Caught in the crosshairs
Of foul play,
One digs his own grave

© 2009 Arthur Henn

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White Ocean Beaches

White Ocean Beaches

Searching the waves for another heartbeat,

not really knowing how I feel or

what I’m looking for?

White Ocean Beaches,

Seeing tears flow down from your cheeks

falling into receding waves.

The sun rise of another’s heart

shines through broken clouds,

seeing a storm of two souls embrace each other,

My hearts an open sea

Full moons rising upon the horizon of… Continue

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The Sea is Her Companion

The Sea is Her Companion

Emptiness closing the shutters to my soul

Trying to find that place where I belong

I’ve faced the pain of trial and error,

Not knowing where this heart of mine belongs

The gracefulness of your beauty

What my eyes observe my soul yearns for

Thriving by the minute, day by day,

Landscaping the irises of my eyes

Wanting to tread softly upon the footprints

Of your soul

Time is only grains of… Continue

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His Heart Is that of Italy

His Heart is that of Italy

The leisurely beauty of Italy,

Il bello d'Italia

The beauty of Italy

Lies down, upon a place of rest

Within his heart

Her skies, seduce the eyes of his soul

Her countryside of rolling hills, vineyards,

Grapes that will become wine,

Her culture, its people hidden by its own rule,

The colour of a peacock, its cuisine, its aroma

More important to him than that

Of his own…

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