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Needle Magazine Piece.

Some more prompt-writing stuff is up at Thanks as always to Jimmy Callaway for edits.

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New stuff at One from me, called "Baby Bear," and another from the esteemed Mr. Jimmy Callaway called "The T.R. Switch." Enjoy.

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Crime Factory

I don't know how you can still be reading this when there's a brand-spankin' new edition of Crime Factory available over at ; Especially when it features myself, Jimmy Callaway's excellent piece on William Lindsay Gresham and Nightmare Alley, and about a billion tons of other goodies all piled up and waiting to rot your teeth.

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More Out of the Gutter

The much-anticipated issue #6 has hit the streets. This would be "The Sexploitation Issue," featuring my flash effort "Soymilk" and a spate of other goodies. Get yours at If you haven't read Out of the Gutter, well, I don't even know what the hell you're doing here, quite honestly...

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Out of the Gutter

Iffen you get a minute, steer your bad self over to and check out my story, along with several other excellent contributions, to the Flash Fiction Offensive. Click "The FFO" link. Like, now.

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Plots With Guns

Don't let me be the one to stop you from going over to to partake of my new story "The Southwest Chief," or any of the other excellent pieces that appear in the current issue. It's probably best that you get it out of your system. Like now.

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