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Hey Mysteryville Lovers -

Come join Evil E and her friends for some fun, some bookbiz gossip, some terrific interviews aka 'Persons of Interest' by a stellar group of interrogrators - David Montgomery, Allison Brennan, Paul Guyot, Louise Ure, Ali Karim, Jason Starr and Nick Stone - and the on-going 'Book Title Saga'.

At the moment - this is a once a month thing, but one never knows, right? Next installment is December 10th when we grill Zoe Sharpe. We had Ken Breun over the…


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What a great time I had meeting new and old friends - and how thrilled (stop laughing) I was to have some of my favorite people and writers - P.J. Parrish (Kris & Kelly) , Joe Finder and Nick Stone take home that terrific looking award.

If you missed the convention this year - don't miss it next year! It's truly unique and before I forget - many kudos to all the volunteers who worked for months to put on such a great event.

There's tons more I could say - but hey - what…


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How the hell did I end up here?

I'm supposed to be working - but this is Jeffery Marks's fault. I see friends here - hello? Where is everyone? How does this thing work? Can someone please help Evil E? How do I add you to my 'friends' thingy? Or, doesn't anyone want to? Oh...I see. That's the way you wanna play it, huh? Fine. Be that way. Now you know why I didn't have you On The Bubble. See if I care.

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