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New Short Story at Powder Burn Flash

What happens when school bullying goes too far? The parents and the bully both find out the hard way in "Missing Sarah" at Powder Burn Flash.

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My Writing Agenda For Remainder Of 2011

There are shorts in the pipeline, one of which debuts in two weeks. Northcoast Shakedown is cruising toward re-release. Road Rules…


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Ebookery: Mike Wolf, bstsllr.com, and the new publishing landscape

Want to take a look at a new epress with some interesting ideas on publishing? http://wp.me/p9bk2-1kI

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Women of Mystery Like Road Rules

Terrie Farley Moran is giving away one free copy of Road Rules over at Women of Mystery. Find out why.



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Upping the Web Ante

It’s time to overhaul the web site. I’m hawking ebooks now, and what I have, aside from being woefully out of date, is tired, stale, and doesn’t really lead anyone to Amazon, BN, or Smashwords. I’ve had a lot of suggestions. The IT director at Medishack (my discreet nickname for work) wants me to do everything open source in Notepad++.  And if I were going that route, I most definitely would be using Notepad++. It’s just a great little text editor for programming without a development tool…


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Do You Want to Be a Writer, Or Do You Want to Write?

It happened a few years ago, one of those moments that spirals into the surreal. On the old blog, I posted one of those memes that went around because, hell, why not? I was bored, and people pretty much read anything I put up on that blog. (Compared to the current one, where 1/3 of the visits have to do with two posts about boobs. Who says sex doesn’t sell?)

I guy I knew, one who was pretty friendly up to that point, emailed me asking me what I thought was wrong with that post. Cue…


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Road Rules Cyber-Road Trip: Day 13

Before pulling in for a few days to chill, we stop in at Gerald So's Chatterific to answer one burning question: Is Road Rules a PI novel? The short answer: Maybe. The real answer...

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A Little Bribery

OK, here’s what I found out the other night giving people until midnight to jump an offer.  If you give people a period of only a few hours to take advantage of an offer, you likely won’t get takers.  No prob.

So here’s what we’re going to do.

Five years ago, I wrote a novel called Northcoast Shakedown which came and went with its publisher before the second book got out of the gate. Now I’m getting ready to format it for publication this November. What’s it…


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Psst... Wanna Hit Of Road Rules? How Bout 2 Hits?

Hey, you.


Yeah, you.  Come over here. Try this stuff. http://wp.me/p9bk2-1ja


It's Road Rules.  You like? I know a guy who can give you another hit for free later today.


After that, though...


It's gonna cost ya 99 cents.

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The Road Rules Cyber-Road Trip Day 4

Today, I drop by Herman's Greasy Spoon, the online home of Anthony Neil Smith, to discuss how I-77 became my personal Route 66 http://t.co/r6ObaBb

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Ebookery: Paul D. Brazill

Today, I talk to crime fic raconteur Paul D. Brazill about Drunk on the Moon, Brit Grit, and Poland.


As a matter of fact, he would say that, wouldn't he?






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What is Road Rules?

JD Rhoades, writer, political columnist, lawyer, and all around good guy, was kind enough to write the foreword for the new edition of Road Rules. You’ll get to see first hand what he’s talking about in four more days. For now, here’s what Dusty had to say about the book.

A lot of thrillers these days feature various avatars of the generic hero I’ve dubbed Bolt Studly– the mavericky,…


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The Most Interesting Reader In The World

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Road Rules is coming!

Just did the uploads to BN and Amazon. Now to wait for the final tests. Road Rules is yours for 99 cents September 1.

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Ebookery: Allan Guthrie

Allan Guthrie is the triple threat in crime fiction. He's the author of such books at Kiss Her Goodbye and The Hard Man. He is the former editor at Point Blank Press. And he is an agent with Jenny Brown & Associates, with a stable that includes Anthony Neil Smith, Sandra Ruttan, and Christa Faust. Al's started moving into the ebook arena and took a few minutes to talk about his experiences.

You have an unusual position dealing with…


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Coming 9-1-2011

September 1, 2011.

That which I once called EVIL YET AWESOME will invade your ereader, assault your eyes, and slap your brain around silly.

And it will leave you begging for more.

I speak, of course, of Road Rules, now coming to Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords.

What is Road Rules?

Said JD Rhoades, author of the Jack Keller…


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Ebookery: Stacy Cochran

Stacy Cochran has long championed the independent route.  Now that ereaders have made that more viable, it seems he's already in the catbird's seat. He stops by today to chat about what a long strange trip it's been.  http://wp.me/p9bk2-1h5




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Coming in September

The revamped Road Rules site. http://www.roadrulesnovel.com/

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Ebookery: Dave White

Dave White drops by to talk about ebooks, A Witness to Death, and having Al Guthrie for an agent.





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The Bond Films Ranked

The Bond films from worst to first. I rank View to a Kill last and From Russia With Love first. Let the flaming begin! http://wp.me/p9bk2-1g8

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