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"What up, ditch?"

For years I've been fond of calling everybody "bitch". But that's a little too politically incorrect for me, so I'm now using "ditch". It's kinda cool 'cause I get lots of double takes.

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YA draft is done

I'm kinda jazzed. The draft for my first Young Adult novel is done (only took a month to write). It's 20,000 words, but I'm not too worried. A lot of my drafts are underwritten. The first rewrite is where I start fleshing shit out, doing more showing and less telling.

I'll probably wind up trying to sell this novel, since I have no idea how to reach the YA audience. Though, I may put out a limited hardcover version on my small press. We'll… Continue

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mailing address

Once again, I've changed my P.O. box. It's at the same post office, I just downgraded to the smallest box ya can get -- more economical to pay $72 a year than $112 for a medium box. Address is:
Johnny Ostentatious
PO Box 342
Cheltenham, PA 19012

and now back to our regular programming. . . .

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Housewife hindsight

Been kicking myself recently. I realized a few things are missing from my latest novel, When the Shit Hits the Housewife:

1) The character that goes missing, Matthew Dougherty, was in AA. His wife, Marie, should have gone to an AA meeting to talk to his friends and acquaintances there.

2) Nick Marsh, who is helping Marie track down Matthew, is a bass player. He should have at least once pined for his bass, since he didn't bring it along on their travels.

3) On the… Continue

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When the Shit Hits the Housewife

This officially comes out tomorrow, June 1st. It's the fourth novel of mine to come out on my small press -- the sixth title overall in the Active Bladder catalog. For now, it's available mailorder from me and Amazon for $10. If your book… Continue

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