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Working out while "Workin' It"

I’m always on the cat-prowl for unusual and bizarre information, especially when it has to do with bodies and exercise. My latest find is an exercise class called “Stiletto Strength,” and it’s taking the gym world by spike heel.

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Connecting with libraries and readers

In author blogs and chat forums, writers are always asking each other, “How do I reach more readers and the public?” Well, this week I’d like to talk up an organization that provides fantastic outreach opportunities: Sisters in Crime.

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SUVs and idiot drivers—a lethal mix

I hate SUVs.

I know that sentiment doesn’t exactly make me unique. But I have a personal grudge against them. More specifically, I’m angry at many of the people who drive them.

Here's why: my eighty-year-old mother’s life changed forever this year, when a woman driving a luxury SUV blew through a stop sign (while yakking on her cell phone, of course). She barreled into the driver’s side of my mother’s compact little… Continue

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Corpse brides, and other strange things people do with dead bodies

Call me morbid (which you kinda have to be when you’re a mystery writer), but I was fascinated to read an article put out by CNN, which describes all the strange things people do with dead bodies.

Corpse brides and ghost marriages

In China, there is an old practice of providing “ghost marriages” between women and deceased bachelors. I gather the practice got started so that no woman would have to die as a spinster (no way… Continue

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