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Ripped from the headlines

Nurse Kills Patient Over Grudge
That headline grabbed my attention a couple of years ago when it appeared in newspapers. Read rest of post here

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Writers who do WAY too much

Everywhere I go, I hear it: Authors are cutting back on book promotion. Read rest of post

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As a writer, do your characters invade your “real life”?

“Careful, dear. You’re acting like your character again.” Read entire post

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Too close for comfort

by Kathryn Lilley
My Labor Day was sketchy this year. I nearly became road kill under the shoe of a schizo. More

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Confessions of a true-crime TV junkie

I admit it: I’m addicted to true-crime TV shows. My TiVo never misses an episode of America’s Most Wanted. I get a rush whenever host John Walsh announces the capture of another dirt bag. More

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Tim Maleeny visits the Kill Zone

The extremely talented and charming thriller writer Tim Maleeny is guest blogging today at the Kill Zone. Visit the blog to discover what villainy lurks beneath his cheerful demeanor...and remember, leave a comment to be entered in a drawing for a $50 gas card (winner announced on… Continue

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My week from Zen-hell on the Okinawa Diet

My sister, a guru of wellness, put me on to the Okinawa Diet recently. Okinawans are not only the longest-lived people on the planet, but they reportedly have great centenarian sex.More

Added by Kathryn Lilley on August 22, 2008 at 11:30pm — 1 Comment

What I love most about bad guys

By Kathryn Lilley When I pick up a thriller, I want the slayer to be super-sized. My killer's got to be so cold and bad-ass, he’s doing the Monster Mash all over the page, leaving behind a trail of bloody footprints.… Continue

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French Women DO Get Fat

The headline this week read: “French paradox a diet myth.” It turns out that French women are struggling with a spike in obesity rates. I pause now to snort out a supersized American “Hah!” Continue

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Capturing fear on the page

As a young girl, I hated feeling afraid.

But as a grown-up mystery writer (or at least, grown older), I love describing fear.
Read more

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Kathryn Lilley joins the Kill Zone blog

I've joined an exciting new writer's blog called the Kill Zone.

Michelle Gagnon, John Gilstrap, Clare Langley-Hawthorne, Kathryn Lilley, John Ramsey Miller, and Joe Moore will be posting six days a week on topics that inspire them and inform their writing. Special guest bloggers will be featured from time to time.

Michelle Gagnon kicks off the new blog today with an… Continue

Added by Kathryn Lilley on August 8, 2008 at 3:01am — 2 Comments

Ten Reasons Why She Dumped Him

My mood went sour and surly this week. Maybe it’s because we’re officially entering the Dog Days of August. Or maybe it’s because several of my friends find themselves stuck in an endless down-cycle, a death spiral that is also known as Breaking Up a Long-term Relationship. Whatever the reason, thoughts about the end-game of love have been kicking up divots in my head lately.

Read more.

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Killer Hobbies hosts thriller author Michelle Gagnon

Killer Hobbies is pleased to host thriller author Michelle Gagnon as a guest blogger today. Read her post, "The Shocking, True Story behind my Russian Supper Club Performing Career."

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Sassy Sleuths on the Prowl!

Harley Jane Kozak, Sue Ann Jaffarian, Kathryn Lilley and Patricial Smiley were Sassy Sleuths over at Vroman's in Pasadena on Saturday. Click here for the post.

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Deadly "toilet lid spiders" and other urban myths

A few years ago, I received a panicky email from a friend of mine, warning me about a venomous “Two-striped Telemonia Spider” that had been discovered lurking under the toilet lids in public bathrooms. Read the blog post.

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Dating, cougar-style

Let’s talk about dating and “cougars”—also known as women over fifty.
Click here to read more.

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Working out while "Workin' It"

I’m always on the cat-prowl for unusual and bizarre information, especially when it has to do with bodies and exercise. My latest find is an exercise class called “Stiletto Strength,” and it’s taking the gym world by spike heel.

Read the complete post at Killer… Continue

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Connecting with libraries and readers

In author blogs and chat forums, writers are always asking each other, “How do I reach more readers and the public?” Well, this week I’d like to talk up an organization that provides fantastic outreach opportunities: Sisters in Crime.

Read the full post on Friday's Killer… Continue

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SUVs and idiot drivers—a lethal mix

I hate SUVs.

I know that sentiment doesn’t exactly make me unique. But I have a personal grudge against them. More specifically, I’m angry at many of the people who drive them.

Here's why: my eighty-year-old mother’s life changed forever this year, when a woman driving a luxury SUV blew through a stop sign (while yakking on her cell phone, of course). She barreled into the driver’s side of my mother’s compact little… Continue

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