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Corpse brides, and other strange things people do with dead bodies

Call me morbid (which you kinda have to be when you’re a mystery writer), but I was fascinated to read an article put out by CNN, which describes all the strange things people do with dead bodies.

Corpse brides and ghost marriages

In China, there is an old practice of providing “ghost marriages” between women and deceased bachelors. I gather the practice got started so that no woman would have to die as a spinster (no way… Continue

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In the Land Down Under, Big is Better

Oh, happiness! Speaking of Diet and Exercise (which I usually am), I just learned that Australian men vastly prefer larger women to smaller ones. You can read all about it over at Killer Hobbies on Friday,… Continue

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Sex and the Single Octopus at Killer Hobbies blog - Contest

I'm running a contest over at the Killer Hobbies blog about IFNWKS (Interesting Facts Not Worth Knowing), on Friday's post, "Sex and the Single Octopus." See post for details at:

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Kathryn Lilley's interview with Dallas Book Diva! (DYING TO BE THIN)

I had a fun interview this week with Cheryl Nason of Dallas Book Diva. You can listen to it at http://www.cherylnason.blogspot.com/

She's a great interviewer -- it was so much fun!

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Exercising my angst

I'm currently on a major deadline, plus I gave a workshop this week to some writers at a wonderful independent bookstore in Westwood, called The Mystery Bookstore. Ooh, it's such a bizzy bizzy time these days.

Right now I'm finishing up the second draft of A KILLER WORKOUT, working on the part of the book that’s always toughest for me—the diet and exercise tips that go in the front of each chapter.

The tips are challenging…


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Stomping out your story killers

So this week, instead of blogging about what I’ve been consuming (aka Diet and Exercise), I want to blog about what’s been consuming me.

And recently, I’ve been consumed by all things associated with writing.

No surprise there: today, Friday November 30th, 2007, is Deadline Day for the first draft of A KILLER WORKOUT, the Number Two Book in the Fat City Mysteries.

Not to bury the lead, but I already pressed the…

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Thoughts on the "B" word (no, not the one that rhymes with "witch")

Killer Hobbies received a double bouquet of great news this week.

I had the honor of being listed, along with fellow author and Killer Hobbies co-blogger Linda O. Johnston, on the IMBA’s Bestsellers list for October. (http://www.mysterybooksellers.com/bestsellers.html)

Now, as a relatively new author (I’ve actually been published many…

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An ill wind, and then...

From the moment we heard the Santa Anas would blow at hurricane-force levels, we knew what was coming.

And still, the onset of the first fast-moving, rampaging firestorm came as a shock to the community, because it hit the sector of our society that is usually the most…

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Cozy mysteries and Sex! Violence! Chicks Gone Wild!

I have a confession to make.

When I started writing DYING TO BE THIN, the first installment in the Fat City Mystery series, I was not fully aware that the mystery sub-genre known as “cozies” had to follow certain restrictive guidelines. With some glaring exceptions, most cozies are written according to the following rules:

• They have “kinder, gentler” story lines.

• There is…

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On the road for DYING TO BE THIN: week two

This past week has been incredible.

My week-that-shall-live-in-fond-memory started last Friday, when I attended the book launch party for DYING TO BE THIN. And what a party! The hostess, Mary Farrell, pulled out all the stops to make the party a night to remember. She brought in an awesome caterer, Jen Sweet (gotta love that last name), who produced Whoopie Pies wrapped in ribbons…


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Interview on AdviceRadio.com

On Wednesday, I visited AdviceRadio.com with host Megan Willingham. Megan is a truly wonderful interviewer. She has a warm, intime interviewing style, and asked many thought-provoking questions. I really enjoyed the hour. You can listen to the podcast this week (they keep them posted for one week) at: http://www.adrenalineradio.com/podcast/

(Click Writers).

Also, I'm blogging today at Killer Hobbies. Stop by for a…


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Next week: Blast-off for DYING TO BE THIN!

So, the official launch for DYING TO BE THIN is Tuesday, October second! Starting Tuesday, you should be able to find it at a bookseller near you (or, as always, you can order it online at http://www.barnesandnoble.com/, http://www.walmart.com/, http://www.amazon.com/, and other online…


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How long did happily-ever-after last for Cinderella?

This week, I’ve been thinking about Cinderella.

I’ve been thinking about her a lot, wondering how long she stayed "happy" after she landed the Prince and the castle? Was it eternal bliss, or did she eventually go back to worrying about more mundane matters, like pesky royal in-laws, or her pecking order at court? In a real-life example, Princess Diana certainly showed us that sometimes there's nada happily ever…


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And now let's go—live!—to a Zombie Gerbil from Outer Space

So, I'm looking over my upcoming book tour schedule for DYING TO BE THIN, which launches on October second. The tour includes several highlights that I’m especially thrilled about, including some media appearances (for updates, see my web site.)

Among other places, I’ll be appearing on a morning television show.

That interview will be the first time I’ve set foot inside a TV studio in more than twenty years. And…

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Gettin' the lard out

This week brought about a sea change in my approach to personal fitness.…


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A heartfelt weigh-in

Normally, I’m the kind of gal who takes a light-hearted approach to diet and exercise.

For example, in The Fat City Mysteries, one of my characters likes to brag about how she trades in her Weight Watcher points for Frequent Fryer Miles at In-N-Out.

But earlier this week, I received a sobering reality check. As we used to say in the evangelical south, I had a real “Come to Jesus”…

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As a writing chef, are you a slow cooker or a fast fryer?

Maybe I’ve been watching too much Top Chef on TV this week, but my two obsessions in life—writing and food—have started to converge.

Because I’m on a killer deadline for A KILLER WORKOUT, I’ve been doing some stressed-out musing about my personal writing practices. And I’ve decided that as a writing “chef,” I am a slow cooker. You could even call me a crock-pot.

My forward progress through the first draft of a novel is chunky and…

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She ain't heavy—she's Venus, dammit!

Recently, one of my beta readers demanded to know how my book’s protagonist, Kate Gallagher, can attract men so easily, even though she is—to quote Beta—“stout.”

As described in the books, Kate is five foot five and a hundred and fifty-five pounds. Is she trying to lose weight? Yes. Is she unattractive? Not in the least. In fact, she’s a traditional Irish beauty, with wavy auburn hair, sculptured cheekbones, and an hourglass figure. But Beta…


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Word by Word

So, I’m deep in the throes of writing my second book in the Fat City Mystery series, which is titled A KILLER WORKOUT.

I’m sure each writer is different, but during the writing process I’m prone to mood swings. I experience creative highs, followed by troughs of despair. Mid-cycle, there’s often a disturbing echo of Elizabeth Kubler Ross’s Five Stages of Death.

Here’s an example of one of my cycles:

1. Shock,…


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