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Book Tour Week Three underway!

If you haven't jumped on the Buried Angel Book Tour bandwagon, go out to my website at and get the stops list. You can still join us! I am giving away free ebooks and we are having a ton of fun!

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End of second week of Book Tour

And I am over here chatting about how to tweak your muse and get it motivated!

Come by and have some fun!

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Day seven: the act of writing

Chatting about the act of writing today on my book tour stop over at My Book Addiction come on by and you might win something for leaving a comment!

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Book Tour day six

Over at Denyse's Fantasy pages talking about planting clues in a mystery. Come along and play with me this week as the virtual book tour for Buried Angel continues!

Fantasy Pages

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VBT: Day Three

Over here talking about the making of the book, and how I got some ideas for it. Join us!

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Virtual Book Tour Day two

If you are following me around the net this month, thank you so much! I appreciate your support so much! If you want to chat with me about goals and resolutions for the new year, go on over to day two here

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First stop on virtual book tour

Off to a running start with the book tour over here and I hope you will join me. Everyone who leaves a comment will be in the running for a give-away.

Happy Touring!

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Buried Angel Book Tour 2010

Join Kim Smith, author of the cozy mystery, Buried Angel (Red Rose Publishing), as she virtually tours the blogosphere in January 2010 on her third virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book Promotion!

About Kim Smith

Kim Smith is the hostess for the popular radio show, Introducing… Continue

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Robin Burcell is coming to Introducing WRITERS! radio show

You heard it here first! Robin Burcell will be on IW in January to promote her latest book The Bone Chamber. If you are a Burcell fan, you do not want to miss this show! If you haven't read any of her works, check out The Bone Chamber! It is a great one.

Show date: January 18, 2010
Where: Blogtalk Radio show Introducing WRITERS! with Kim Smith

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My books are on Kindle

Tonight I was reading JA Konrath's accounting of his sales over at his blog and it made me wonder if Avenging Angel had made it to Kindle yet. Guess what? IT HAS!!!!!

Avenging Angel at the KINDLE STORE -- and if you haven't gotten your copy for your… Continue

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Rebecca York will be on Introducing WRITERS! radio show

Slave to a fearsome master, Kenna has come to our universe to prepare for an invasion. When she meets werewolf Talon Marshall, she longs to tell him her terrible secret and enlist his help. But every time she tries to reveal her mission, a lightning bolt of pain stops her words. Can she find a way to communicate with Talon before its too late for our world?

Meet Rebecca York, author of Dragon Moon, as she visits with Kim Smith and discusses this latest work.

730 pm… Continue

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A Will to Love is on Midwest Book Review

Today I woke up to the news that my latest release, A Will to Love, has made it onto the Reviewer’s Bookwatch list as a Reviewer’s Choice entry for July 2009 at Midwest Book Reviews. It will stay there, of course, for the next twelve months. I am so excited you guys!

I invite you to go out and see the list at and click on the Reviewer’s Bookwatch link, then on the July 2009 link. A Will to Love is at the… Continue

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Jodi Thomas on the radio show!

Jodi Thomas is the NY Times and USA Today best-selling author of 26 novels and 6 short story collections. As of July 2006, she was the 11th woman to be inducted in to RWA Hall of Fame. She is also currently serving as the Writer in Residence at West Texas A&M University in Canyon, Texas.

Tune in to INTRODUCING WRITERS! and help me to celebrate Jodi's latest release, Rewriting Monday. show airs April 7th at 730 pm CST

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Introducing Writers Radio Show

Hi! I am inviting you to join my new group for Introducing WRITERS radio show! I hope you will join us and keep up with the guests who will be on the show, their books, and all the great fun and information hosting this show will bring!

It is on and it is called Introducing Writers Radio Show.

If you would like a gander at the show before you join, you can find it here:

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Planting clues in a Mystery

Today I am over at THE BOOK STACKS chatting about planting
clues in a mystery if anyone would be interested. FYI, if you leave a
comment you will be eligible for a drawing to win a $50 gift
certificate if you are an unpublished author, and a free virtual book tour if you are published.

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Free book giveaway!

Today I will be giving away an ecopy of my book Avenging Angel, at - I will be there all day to answer any questions you have for me. To enter the contest, comment either on the post about books, or on the excerpt from my book. This is a one day contest, so the winner will be chosen tonight, Friday February 13th around 8:00pm PDT.

Surf on by!

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Shannon Wallace has done it this time!

Go on over to Sam Harper's place and see what he is in a dilemma about. You can bet Shannon Wallace is at the bottom of it!

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Hijacking and Book Trivia

Hey y'all!
Come visit me over at As the Pages Turn and see what advice I have for the new President.

and I am also hijacking Eve Summers blog today... and promoing my book...

This is day three for my book tour. Don't forget some lucky commenter will be winning prizes!

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Review of Avenging Angel, A Shannon Wallace Mystery

Review by Aaron Paul Lazar

A great read doesn't have to be fancy, full of literary allusions or deep musings. Nor does it need a ritzy setting, plots that twist your brain into a pretzel, or elite protagonists.

What a great read does need is a story that moves, characters who linger in your mind, and a voice that calls you back to its pages. Avenging Angel by Kim Smith accomplished all three.

Smith has written a suspenseful cozy mystery set in the south in a… Continue

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New acceptance!

After a long and trying journey, I finished A Will to Love and submitted it.

My editor just responded with kudoes on the writing and a shiny new contract! I am so thrilled!!!

Hope all my mystery fans will enjoy my first ROMANCE! It is a short novella or long short story, however you want to look at it.

More info coming~!

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