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Murder and Mayhem



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Finding the muse

Creating a book is not easy.

But it doesn't have to be impossible either. Just make it a part of your life every day. Find inspiration in everything you do, and every where you go.

Are you waiting at the doctor's office? Pull out your notebook and jot down descriptions of some of the other patients. Are they terminally ill? Mentally ill? What could you imagine about them?

Find new ways of describing places as you go there. I once got the description for a police station…


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So. About me.

Today is my birthday and I am proud of it. Well, considering the alternative, I oughta be, huh??

So. About me.

People are gonna wonder why I started writing. What was the "thing" that did it to me, turned on the switch, sent me rushing down this tube like a water slide.

It was the pilgrims.

Seriously, when I was in grade school, our teacher made us write something about the pilgrims, for Thanksgiving. For my non-US friends, that is the big holiday here where we…


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New article

Hie theeself over to INSPIRED AUTHOR ( to see my modern take on S S Van Dines' "Twenty Rules for Detective Fiction".

You might even want to add your own!

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