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Book Review: "Daiquiri Dock Murder: A Key West Mystery" by Dorothy Francis

If it is spring it must be time to go back to Key West via author Dorothy Francis. This year she takes readers there via her latest cozy style mystery titled Daiquiri Dock Murder: A Key West Mystery. Featuring a cast of offbeat characters, plenty of local culture and a mystery that has more than a few twists the read is a comfortably good one. It also fits well into line with the style and tone of other books generated by this author.


Rafa Blue, who has issues…


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Book Review: "The Girl Next Door" by Brad Parks

Despite the steadily worsening situation for newspapers across the country as well as at his own, Reporter Carter Ross still has a job at a Newark Eagle–Examiner. While the newspaper maybe having serious fiscal issues, the obituary pages are still one thing the bosses have not surrendered in the face of declining circulation and revenues. It was while he was reading the obits that Reporter Carter Ross come across the notice about the death of 42 year old Nancy B.…


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Book Review: "The Adventures of Quinn Higgins: Boy Detective--The Case of the Haunted House" by Douglas Quinn


The Adventures of Quinn Higgins: Boy Detective--The Case of the Haunted House is third in this series authored by Douglas Quinn. It is the start of a new school year for Quinn Higgins who is looking forward to the fifth grade and seeing his best buddy, Reginald Robinson, known to all as Reggie. It has been a long summer with the visit with Dad and Quinn hasn’t seen Reggie in months. It is a new year and the dynamic duo is back together and in…


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Book Review: "THE DROP" by Michael Connelly

“Everybody counts or nobody counts” has always been Detective Harry Bosch’s personal mantra. In THE DROP, the latest book in a series that began long ago with the excellent novel The Black Echo, Harry Bosch’s belief system and his trust in others are tested in new ways. Ways that will have him second guessing himself again and again before these two cases are over.


Bosch has 39 months to go before mandated retirement from the LAPD. He isn’t…


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Book Review: "THE TERRITORY: A MYSTERY" by Tricia Fields

“Mexico blamed the American lust for drugs and lack of gun laws, and the U.S. blamed Mexico’s corrupt government and loss of control on the drug cartels. The blame was somewhere in the middle, so in a strange way, it made sense that the problems had collected and festered like an open wound in the hundred-mile strip of middle ground the locals called the Territory.” (Page 75)

Deep in southwest Texas where the…


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March Mystery Reads

I don't normally take the time to summarize these sort of things, but since other folks do them, I thought I would go ahead and put the list together. For those that don't know me, I have been reviewing books since 1998 and have an ongoing column for the Texas version of the Senior News Newspaper.  Because of that column, in addition to mystery and thriller books on my blog at   you also…


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